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How to Add Tax to Your Payment Form

How to Add Tax to Your Payment Form

JotForm's payment integrations allow you to add sales tax to the products you sell, whether tangible or not.

This feature is available for the following payment gateways:

Paypal (Standard)
PayPal Express
Paypal Pro
Purchase Order

Before proceeding, please do note that this feature is not available for  subscriptions and donations

Adding sales tax

1.  Run the payment wizard

2.  Click Next until you arrive at the 'Other Options' screen

3.  Enter a base tax rate

4.  Select the products you would like to tax-exempt then click Next

5.  Choose a field on your form from which a surcharge will be based

Note that only the following fields are available for selection:

Drop down
Address : State
Address : Country

6.  If you select either a drop down or the country subfield, you will be asked to enter surcharge rates for the available locations

7.  For the state subfield, you must enter a new line-separated list of states, regions, or provinces

Then, you will have to specify surcharge rate for each location

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