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DownThemAll Mozilla Firefox Extension: Download Form Files

DownThemAll Mozilla Firefox Extension: Download Form Files

This method is intended for those who have some issues using our File Downloader App for downloading file uploads in the form at once. 

DownThemAll extension is only available for Mozilla Firefox so you will have to use this browser to download your form's file uploads. You can get this extension from their official website at or from Mozilla's Addons page:


1. Downloading and Installing the Extension in Firefox browser.

a. Access the link above then click "Add to Firefox" button



b. Click "Install Now" button in the Software Installation Window

c. Now, you have to restart Firefox to complete the installation process.

d. The extension is now installed in Firefox. You can view it by clicking "Addons" from the settings pane:


2. Getting all the links to download the form file uploads

a. Go to My Forms page

b. Select the form you want to download its file uploads. Click "Reports" then "Add New Report" button:



C. Select "Excel Report" and click 'Next' button


d. In the next step, you have to uncheck the rest of the fields and make sure to select only the File Upload field. For example:


e. You have to open the Report link to download the excel file:


f. Open the downloaded Excel File then save it back as a Web Page.

Click the File > Save As > Choose "Web Page (.htm, .html)" from 'Save as Type' dropdown options


We now have the links. Let's proceed to the last step.


3. Downloading the files

a. Open the HTML file version of the download excel file using Mozilla Firefox. You can drag the HTML file to Firefox or simply open it via context menu:


b. Now, simply right-click in the HTML page and click "DownThemAll!..." option


c. In the next window, you have the option to change the following:

-Download location

-File Naming

In the Filters, make sure to check "All Files" to select all the file types on the page.

Clicking the "Start" button will start the download process. Wait until everything is done and that's all. You will see a complete dialog in the next window.


If you some troubles downloading the files or when following this guide, please let us know in the comment box below or simply create a new thread to our support forum.

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  • dezertguy

    This was NOT my question. I want to delete some photos I uploaded and no longer use to save cloud space. How can I just review uploaded images and select those I want to permanently delete that are not used in any of my forms.