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How to Show or Hide Fields Base on User's Answer

How to Show or Hide Fields Base on User's Answer

Show / Hide a form field is part of our Conditional Logic feature. This option is useful if you want a field to appear or hide, only when a previous field is filled or an option is selected.

Now, let's start with an example form. In the form builder, I have the following form structure:

As you could see, I have the field "How did you know us?". We will apply a conditional logic to this field that would show the individual text boxes below depending on the chosen option.

1. Simply click on Settings>>Conditions.

2. Then click on Show /Hide Field.

3. In the next window, just simply add your rule and action fields. 

For example, from the field in the demo form, we have:

Just simply repeat the same condition for the other options and fields. In the example form, the overall conditional logic would be like this:

Please see it for yourself here:

Note that you can add many rules and actions if you want. You can show/hide multiple fields at once. If you need to, just simply choose and follow our instructions from the following guides:

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments box below or by simply posting a thread into our support forum

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  • mlmajor

    Can I use the show/hide conditional on the submit/print/clear form buttons? I am trying to hide (through CSS) the first submit button, which has an associated Print button. Then, only after the Print button is clicked, will the second submit button appear.

  • gendersummit12

    Gracias, pude realizar el formulario sin problema,


    Is it possible to create a new iteration of the same dropdown if the first one is "used".
    ie. If I select an item from the list, can I then recreate the same dropdown list exactly underneath this one that gives the user the ability to select other things from that same list up to say 5 things.

  • r83rob

    When I use this a promo code hides the right fields but then when the email comes in all the hidden fields are there with the visible one

  • realtomsamsher

    can u make it so that if ur using a multiple choice option then it take the user to every page they checked when they press next and not the next page?

  • marklane

    I'm not sure if I've encountered a bug or have a fault with my logic rules at the moment. I'm currently having a problem in a form I've created ( where:
    If you answer yes (that you have children), when you answer yes to has this child been baptized a section called "baptism info" should be displayed. If you answer anything other than yes the "baptism info" should not be displayed.

    My problem is that no matter what I answer the "baptism info" is not displayed.

    Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for your help.

  • DanielRavens1

    This works for me no problems on desktop but as soon as it is on mobile, when i try to show the hidden fields by choosing a selection on the drop down menu, nothing happens. Am i missing some file links if I'm using the source code integration method?

  • lynn25med

    I am using a likert scale from 1-10. Is it possible to set a conditional field, so that if they answer anywhere from 5-10 they are prompted to the next question and if they answer 4-1 they are not prompted to an additional ?

  • AKinmarketing

    Thanks.. It was helpful

  • Jo

    Can I hide an event once it reaches a certain number of submissions so no one else can respond?