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Intro to The Theme Store for FormsCentral Converters

Intro to The Theme Store for FormsCentral Converters

The JotForm Theme Store is your best way to get a great looking theme quickly, with minimal effort. A theme is style or skin that can be applied to any form. In computer science terms, it’s a set of CSS rules. All you need to know about it is you can select a theme to change any form to take on its look and feel.

You can select from hundreds of free and paid themes. With so many great looking themes the hardest part is settling on just one. Once you find the one you like, simply click Use Theme, and then apply it to the form of your choosing. Let us take a look at how it all works.

Accessing the Theme Store from the Form Builder Toolbar
The most common way is to access the Theme Store is from the Form Builder Toolbar, which brings up the Theme Store.

This gives you the option to apply a theme directly to the theme you’re working on.

You can immediately see the form on the left, with available themes on the right.

The first tab - my themes - will show you all the themes that you have created and saved (under “CREATED BY YOU”) followed by the list of all themes that you have used in past on your jotforms (under “USED BY YOU” ).

This makes it easy to find themes you’ve used in the past. Just scroll down for a bit and click on it and voila - instant theme!

As soon as you click on the theme, it’s applied to your form in the main panel.

Want to try a different one? Simply click on another until you find the one you like.

If you can not find the one that you want use the second tab titled “Theme Store”. There you’ll see the option to select from Free Themes, Paid Themes and the Featured Themes.

Try clicking on the Featured Themes which as they’re the most popular.

Once you find one you like, just click on the theme itself and it will be applied to the form.

If you find a theme you like, save your form by clicking the button on the top left. If you’d like to exit without saving your changes, just click the X to navigate back to the form builder. You’ll have to confirm you would like to discard your changes.

Accessing the Theme Store from the Top Navigation
The Theme Store has an entirely different view, where you can first select the theme you like, and then select the form you’d like to apply it to. To access it just navigate to the Theme Store link in the top navigation.

This brings up a fully searchable, sortable, collection of JotForm Form Themes.

You will find several options in the top right corner.

  1.   1. Search
  2.   2. Popular
  3.   3. Categories
  4.   4. My Themes

Search input will allow you to type what you are looking for and find themes that have similarly in their titles or tags.

For example, searching on “green mobile minimal” returns the following:

It will match all of the tags that you have added, but you can quickly see that it returns green forms as well as those that are minimalistic and ready for mobile devices.

You also have the option to sort the results by usage, price, likes, and date.

Another way to discover themes is by Category. Just select the category you want from the drop down to find all themes that match it.

The last way to find themes is to view the themes you’ve already used. This can be done by clicking on the My Themes link in the top navigation.

If you would like to design and add your own form theme to the Theme Store, you can do that by following the steps here: Submit Your Form Designs to the Theme Store! 

For more details on how to use and apply the theme from within the Themes page, check out the following guide: How to Use Your JotForm Themes.

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  • Mike

    This was not the question that I had selected from the previous page. I was trying to find out how to import forms into Jotforms. I had attempted to do it through forms central and it looks as though that site is shut down???? And the option to import them through Jotforms does not let me "continue" Wondering if you can confirm that forms I submitted through forms central worked or not and if so the status of them.

    Thank you for your time, much appreciated!!