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Deprecated: Can I Keep Using JotForm v2?

Deprecated: Can I Keep Using JotForm v2?

Some users have told us they prefer the older version. At least until all bugs are sorted out on the new version. We respect that. That's why we are keeping JotForm v2 alive:

New registrations are closed but existing users can keep using JotForm 2.0. We will keep it open as long as people keep using it.

You can even keep using both versions at the same time. As long as you do not edit the same form on both versions you should be fine.

To keep using version 2, simply change the form source code on your site to point to "".

When you are ready to completely switch to version 3, send us an e-mail and we will migrate your forms to version 3.

Thank you for choosing JotForm! Whether you are a v2 or v3. :)

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  • ali


  • ali


  • maivutan

    The registration is closed, but the premium registration is still alive. If someone pay the premium registration. So they can use premium account for vs2?

  • sanane

    jotform v2, but I can not register, no membership to premium membership so I can help other than
    is a problem from me or give me a specific user name Lemme go from there

  • bellaevents

    I'm confused -- do I have to create a new form ?

  • gdpj

    لا أستطيع التسجيل ماذا أفعل