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Viewing Submissions via Inbox and Submissions Panel

Viewing Submissions via Inbox and Submissions Panel

  1. 1. Submissions Panel (for it, it is best to search with your words, but some can be seen here)

  2. 2. Inbox (over 1050 public threads on our forum)

Submissions Panel

All of your submissions can be found here so it is a place to go if you are looking for some info. It will allow you to:

  1. 1. Print submission

  2. 2. Download PDF of the single submission

  3. 3. Reply to the person that filled out your jotform

  4. 4. Forward the submission to the proper person

  5. 5. Discard / delete the submission

  6. 6. Edit submissions

It also allows you to:

  1. 1. See the submissions

  2. 2. Search through all of them

  3. 3. Customize the layout that you want your PDF to hold and submissions panel to show.

As soon as we open the submission panel, we can see it either showing the submission or a notification that no submissions have been made so far.

A great thing when looking at the submissions through it is that under the single submission preview it holds Grid Listing Report for easy handling and it gives you some specific features.

To change the form quickly - without the need to go back to all forms and then going to the submissions, we can utilize the little arrow at the top:

As you can see we are shown the form name, number of submissions and the number of submissions that we have not yet seen, and by a simple click on any segment we are taken to the submissions of a different form.

The little gear wheel on the right (just under the Edit button) is even more amazing feature to utilize:

As you can see we have a powerful filter that you can utilize to filter out specific date or time frame

There are some predefined options and the option to make your own choice.

Further down there is Fields segment. It holds all of the fields on your jotform and any that is checked will be shown and all that are not checked will not be shown in the submissions panel, nor the PDFs of the submission that you download or send to your customers in the email autoresponder.

The Options segment holds the following options to help you with your submissions:

  1. 1. Auto Hide Empty Fields
    - Making this option checked will hide all field labels that have no data associated with them. This will allow you to see only important data and not have to scroll through the  rest.

  2. 2. Show Headers and Texts
    - If you want to print out the submission with the text and images as on your jotform which is often the case for contracts, you want to uncheck this option. It will show you all Text fields from your jotform as well as Image fields so that nothing is missing.

  3. - Combined with the option above it would allow you to have all fields from form shown on the paper - for example if the unchecked field is also an answer for your business. You can see more about this here: How to include Headers, Texts and Images in the PDF format of a submission

  4. 3. Show Address on Map
    - This option will be shown only if you have Address field on your form and instead of showing you what was typed / selected, it will show you the address on the map
    - You can switch back and forth with the option depending on what you are after at the moment, as it only alters how the data is shown

  5. 4. Make This Page Public
    - A great way to allow someone to access and see your submissions panel, without giving them access to your JotForm account. Once you click on this, you are asked to set the password and you can share the link and the password with anyone that you wish

  6. 5. Send Uploads to FTP
    - Do you have a FTP account with lots of space? Why not use it and store your data on your own server? Well with JotForm you can :)

  7. - You can see how to easily set it up to use the FTP connection in this guide: How to Enable FTP on Form Submissions

  8. 6. Send Submissions to DropBox
    - This would usually allow you to connect to your DropBox account, but is disabled at this moment because we favor that you make the connection to DropBox by following next steps as it gives you more control over the integration: Upload to Dropbox with JotForm

Scrolling down under the submission preview section is the powerful Grid Listing Report

As you can see there is an option to download Excel, CSV or PDFs of all submissions in the top left part of the grid. Using them will allow us to download all submissions. On the other side of them is the Delete All Submissions. Clicking this option will remove all of the submissions permanently, so it is best to only use it when it is needed.

Since it would delete all submissions (even if you have only one) it will ask you to confirm the action with a password.

Next to it is the option for Larger Grid which expands the Grid to show you as much options as possible.

On the bottom we also see few options such as navigation (first page, previous, current page option, next page, last page - mentioned in same order as shown to you). Following them is the refresh button that allows us to clear out the search parameter or page selection and set us on the first page - without any data entered.

Next to it is - as you have guest - a way to find some specific data within the submissions.

Last, but not least is the section that shows us how many submissions are shown out of total submissions in the grid.

A good thing to note is that the options above the grid will dictate what kind of data will be shown in the grid listing report, while the grid listing report will allow you to do further filtering and searches and help you with your research.

Indeed 2 very powerful features combined together into one.


While our Submissions Panel will allow us to see everything that we want, we might just want to slide through all of the new submissions and without a need to open any new pages - all from within my forms page.

You can see the Inbox as soon as you click on a form and make it selected

When you click on it a new lightbox window will open that will allow you to see new data and allow you some nice features.

What it shows us:

  1. 1. Form title

  2. 2. Number of submissions

  3. 3. Number of new submissions (that we did not yet see)

  4. 4. Date of submission

  5. 5. Forward and next button

  6. 6. Print

  7. 7. Submitted data

As we advanced through the submissions we will be able to see the submissions counter getting updated and a label being shown to us as soon as we are found on a new submission

What do you think? It does not seem enough?

Well, that is good. Please make a comment under this and let us know what you think is missing as we are always interested in what can be added to improve your experience with the Worlds Easiest - JotForm Builder.

If you have any questions to ask, feel free to do that on our forum and we would be more than happy to reply.

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