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How to Import Adobe FormsCentral PDF Forms to JotForm

How to Import Adobe FormsCentral PDF Forms to JotForm

If you are looking for a way to automatically collect submissions of your PDF forms that were created using Adobe's PDF form tools, here is how:

2. Click on the Import Forms button
3. Click PDF Only Option

4. Upload your PDF forms to opening form with your e-mail address, note that you can also upload multiple forms.

We will send you en email when your PDF form was successfully imported.

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  • barbarawthompson

    The import is not working

  • TangierExpress

    Hi, this link does not seem to be working:

  • JoyWildes

    After I have completed the import process how do I turn the pdf into a jot form that I can send out to people and gather their responses

  • volunteernwms

    Can PDF forms no longer be imported?

  • marraiz

    I just imported 22 forms! great tool! it saved me a lot of time! The only problem is that it will keep the same name to the 22 PDFs. However, you can easily rename them.

  • guest_50286103232039

    How many forms can you import from Adobe Forms Central without paying for a subscription?