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Adding a form to Adobe Dreamweaver

Adding a form to Adobe Dreamweaver

1. On the Form Editor please select the "Publish" button:.

2. Select Platforms > Dreamweaver:

3. Select the button "Copy the code":

4. Now open Dreamweaver,
5. On DreamWeaver, open the page you want to edit.

6. Click on the exact spot you would like to put your form.

7. Click on "View" menu, then select "Code".

8. Paste the code you copied to Dreamweaver

9. Click on "View" menu, then select "Design".

10. You should now see your form on the page.

11. Save your page and upload to your website.

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    And add to that, your employee cannot even spell DREAMWEAVER!

  • eee


  • MaheshTomar

    How can i use airport picker in my own form with two airport field "from" and "to" i.e. i can get the form posted data.

  • Sunflowerwindy

    I paste the code to the Dreamweaver and Press F12 to preview the form but it doesn't work.

  • Debrief

    I tested the embedded form in dreamweaver and it did not show a submission in jotform. I set it up following the online video on jotforms website but the submission still not working.

  • aytekin

    One of our users wanted to share this with other DreamWeaver users:

    I really like your forms. The one thing that I would recommend to your customers is when you are working in Dreamweaver (and maybe other programs too) it's best to first add a table of at least 3 rows, and then insert the code into the top row of the table. I found that when I didn't do this, the code overlapped the design already in place on the page, and if it was the last item on the page, it went down below the copyright line and everything. Once I added the table of at least 3 rows, it worked fine.

    Also, when I'm creating a long form on your site it tends to do this as well on your page.

  • andrewgresham

    When I add my form to dreamweaver my jquery that enables smooth scrolling stops working. Any ideas?


  • colindaykin

    I have a drop down box on my form with several events in, can I add a different email address to each event,if so how do i do this?

  • jwdesignshop

    how do I add popup form effect to my website?