How to Have Text Only Message Format in Email (Deprecated)

November 26, 2021

NOTE: If you’re looking for a way to setup a text only email, this is not possible anymore. The new wizard will allow you to only change the HTML email, text only emails are actually no longer used as mobile devices are becoming more common and all can open HTML-based emails without issues.

Having a text only message format is still possible in the new Email UI.  

This user guide will show you how in 6 easy steps


1. When in the Email Editor, click on the Source code icon

2. Delete all the content of the Source code window

3. Click OK button to close the Source code window

4. You can now manually type your text message or copy/paste text only message

5. Add the form data by selecting the field name in the Form Fields list.

6. Click Save button to save the Email template.

Thats it.

An example plain text email message will look like this.

Note: The same steps can be followed to have text message format in Autoresponder E-mail.

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