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How to begin Viewing your Forms and Submission Data in the JotForm App

Added: April 9, 2016

Logging into your JotForm Account through the App is one thing but it's another to start looking through the app trying to figure out how exactly it works and how to use it. 

Sometimes that alone can become a daunting task so this guide is to help you out a bit since we have packed in quite a few features that you may or may not realize right away.

Assuming you've already downloaded, installed, and synced the app let's go ahead and speed things along..

If you have not gotten this far yet then please go over here first to check out this guide to get you started then return here so that you may continue.

The first thing you're probably gonna be inclined to do is to open then dive in head first to start viewing your Forms and Submissions but let's slow down a bit first so that we can explain things a bit more to help you out.

#1 - Viewing Your Submissions:
You'll notice at first on app-load that you can view All recent Submissions in front of you.

<img src="" style="width:300px;height:585px;" /> 

If for some reason you don't see this screen then your forms might be syncing or you may have tapped on a tapped on a push notification or submission that has sent you to the point of viewing one of your form submissions already.

<img src="" style="width:300px;height:585px;" /> 

This is pretty much where you can start tapping on submissions to view and read them. These are displayed in order of the most recently received form submission but 

<img src="" style="width:300px;height:585px;" />

#2 - Viewing Your Forms:
To begin viewing your forms you can start by tapping on the menu button in the upper-lefthand corner of the app.

<img src="" style="width:300px;height:585px;" />

At this point you should notice a difference in your screen with a list of your My Forms in front of you and along the right side a small horizontal bar displaying your submissions.

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