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How to begin Viewing your Forms and Submission Data in the JotForm App

How to begin Viewing your Forms and Submission Data in the JotForm App

Logging into your JotForm Account through the App is one thing but it's another to start looking through the app trying to figure out how exactly it works and how to use it. 

Sometimes that alone can become a daunting task so we've created this guide is to help you out a bit since we've packed in quite a few features might not be so apparent.

Assuming you've already downloaded, installed, and synced the app let's go ahead and speed things along..

If you have not gotten this far yet then please check out this guide to get you started with downloading and logging into the app first then return here so that you may continue.

The first thing you're probably gonna be inclined to do is to open then dive in head first to start viewing your Forms and Submissions but let's slow down a bit first so that we can explain things a bit more to help you out.

#1 - Viewing All Your Submissions:
You'll notice at first on app-load you will be able to view a quick listing of all of your Submissions ranging from your most recent going backwards up to a max of one year.

Here you'll also find that you can view a time stamp of how long ago it your submission was last received in a green box on the right side which will also show the time-frame as well as you scroll down.

You can scroll through your submissions listing by swiping downward or upward. 

If you scroll down far enough you'll hit what appears to be the end but if you pull downward further and let go the app will allow you to sync up even more submissions to view. These are older so they may or may not be relative if you prefer only recent submissions to view.

If for some reason you don't see this screen then your forms and data might still be syncing via the loading screen or you may have tapped on a push notification or a submission in the list at which point you will be viewing one of your form submissions.

And that pretty much leads us to the next part if you'll continue reading below.

#2 - Viewing Your Submission Data:
To view your Submission Data simply tap on one of the Submissions in your All Submissions listing.

This will open up the submission and allow you to view all of it's relevant information of whatever data the person filling out the submission sent to you through your form.

You will also notice some White Icons in the top-right corner of the submission view.

Going from left to right these are Reply or Forward to Email, Trash, and Switch Submissions to view other submissions. If you look to the left of those a bit you'll see another Icon which is a JotForm Logo with a white arrow pointing to the left. If you tap it to go back to where you were.

Now that you're back on the All Submissions listing you've probably noticed two additional White Icons at the top left and right corners by now. One has some horizontal lines which is a Menu (green- left) and the other is a gear that takes you to Settings (yellow-right).

Don't worry too much about the Settings right now. That's pretty much where your Account Info is and also a way to Contact Us. 

Let's go ahead and tap on the Menu Icon to the left and that will lead us into the next part about viewing your forms.

#3 - Viewing Your Forms:
When you get to this area from the menu it might be a little confusing at first since there's a lot going on here but we've taken the liberty to highlight and explain this further to make it easier for you to understand since it's actually rather simple.

You'll begin to notice All Submissions first which we mentioned before (yellow). You should then also notice another one below it called New Submissions (also yellow). These coincide with the partially displayed white bar with the submissions listing under the Menu Icon to the far right (vertical-yellow).

Below the All Submissions and New Submissions you should also notice something else that should look fairly familiar while logged in which is a list of all of your Forms including their related Total Submission Counts (green).

This also reflects in your submissions view listing that we showed you at first (green).

Also, in association with what we mentioned for your relevant submissions above the area to the left should look mostly familiar which displays a list of your My Forms (blue).

Depending on what you've Selected here you will notice on the left a Vertical Orange Bar (green below) to indicate your current Selection whether it be a Form or Submissions. 

To explain the Submissions Counts better Newly Received Submissions will cause the box on the right with the counts in it to turn Green. If you've read them it will turn Grey. You will also see Total Submissions under each form similarly to show the Total amount of Submissions you have per Form. 

The All Submissions and New Submissions reflect this combination of such respectively for all combined Submissions or just New Submissions.

To go back to your Submissions, New Submissions, or Form Submissions just tap the White Menu Icon again or have play around with it some to check your data.

We hope this helped to clear the air for you and get you more acquainted with using our JotForm Mobile App and if you have any questions feel free to contact us directly at or by leaving us a message in our forum.

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  • bbass328

    Any updates to this where we can see HIPAA protected submissions?

  • NeutronElectrical


    I have created three different forms and I want them to be available to the staff of my company. I am confused about how to go about it. I can only see submissions in the mobile app. Is there a way to have the links of the forms in the app so that the staff can login and fill them up.

  • cgore

    using android os, the submissions are encrypted...How can I see them from mobile?

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    how do I display my form on an iPad at a stand alone kiosk and leave it setup for people to register and not accidentally close out the page?