How to Mask Input Text in Textbox Field

Last Update: May 10, 2016

Having your form input text obfuscated in some way is sometimes needed to keep your user's form confidential data hidden from bypasser's prying eyes. 

Isn't it better if your form users were less worried and were not glancing around every time  checking if someone is looking over their shoulder spying on what they are typing?

This easy to apply trick can do the job as well. Provided you do not take it more than for what it was supposed to be.


Things to consider when using this solution:

* This is not a security solution. Far from it, as there was no data security being considered on this nifty trick.

** Security measures are already built-in on all JotForm forms. A higher grade of form security that can be used on the form is the Form Encryption instead.

*** It is proven to work on Chrome browser and mobile browser as well. But it is 50/50 on chance it will not work on IE browser and Firefox browser. Browers were simply to each its own, so not all solutions will have similar success behavior on them.

As can be seen on the animated image below, it does work on mobile browser (using Iphone browser on this user guide)

Demo form :


Steps on how to appy this trick on a form that uses Textbox field.

1. Get the field ID# of the field the input obfuscation will applied to. Use the field Properties to get the ID#. (in the demo form, the field ID# is #input_1)
field ID#

2. Load the Form Designer and open the CSS Editor.

3. In the CSS editor add the CSS code like this. Just replace the field ID# with the one from your form (i.e. replace #input_1 with your own)

#input_1 {
    -webkit-text-security : disc;

css editor

4. Save the form.

Better test it before deploying. 

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