How to Have a Recurring Custom Donation Payment Form

Last Update: October 4, 2016

Let's say you run a Charity site, and you like the donation amount to be a recurring option once the donators have pledge a donation.

This user guide will show you how to enable the recurring custom amount donation on the form using Payment tools.

Demo form :

In the demo form, the donator can select a pre-filled donation amount or provide instead an amount they want to donate.
The different custom donation selection also have different recurring period that will allow flexible schedule of donation repetition.
recurring custom amount donation

Steps on how to create the Recurring Custom Amount Donation Form:

1. Add the payment field from the Payment Fields

recurring donation

2. In the Payment Wizard add the necessary Payment Account information.
3. In the Payment Wizard : Payment Options select Sell Subscriptions payment type.

 recurring donation

4. Add the items (Subcriptions). Add as many as needed.

recurring donation

5. To allow the donator to specify the custom amount, set the option Variable Price to ON by checking it.
6. Select a Subscription Period from the list to set the recurring schedule of donation.
7. Select Number of Payments option to setup a number of repetion the recurring payment will occur. Leave at No Limit if end period is not needed.

recurring donation

8. Save the subscription item.
9. Repeat steps for each items (Subscriptions) if there are more than one and having different Subscription Period.
10. Save to close the Payment Configuration Wizard.

JotForm also offers a great selection of Donation Form Templates. Check them out. 

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stpaulsfdr (December 22, 2016 at 10:17 AM)

I do not have the sell subscriptions option in anything I see available to me.

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