How to Apply and Remove a Theme Within the Form Builder

Added: July 30, 2016

Please check our Theme Store for more details. 


To add a theme in the form:

1. While in the form builder, click the Themes button:

2. Go the Theme Store tab. Find the theme you like and click it to apply.


3. Please don't forget to click the Save button in the top-left side to save the changes in the form. 


To remove a theme in the form:

1. Go back and edit the form in the form builder. Click the Themes button.

2. You'll see the Current Theme in My Themes tab

3. Click the Remove Theme button to remove the applied theme and use the default

4. Please don't forget to save the changes. 

Questions? Please post it in the comment box below or go to our support forum and create a new thread. 

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