Bugfix List for iOS App

Last Update: November 17, 2016

Here's a detailed list of recent and archived bugs fixes for our iOS Mobile App in the iTunes App Store.

Bug Fixes for iOS App Update 3.5

  • - Fixed an iPad bug.

  • - Fixed rare crashing issues.

  • - Improved performance of the App.

Bug Fixes for iOS App Update 3.4

  • - Fixed spacing issue for form label if there is no submission text.

  • - Fixed issue in certain case regarding deleted forms showing up in the iOS App.

  • - Prevent rare case regarding null data from showing up for certain form fields.

  • - Fixed a rare issue regarding wrong form appears to be selected (orange bar) when it isn’t the one selected.

  • - Improve performance of the App.

  • - Updated icons for the iPhone and iPad App.

  • - Added alert message to ask user to enter their email for send a suggestion and report a problem when they don’t have an email.

  • - Added ability to login on the Apple Watch App when it is in the background.

  • - Improved Apple Watch performance and speed.

  • - Fixed syncing issues with Apple Watch that can occur.

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jerrimarques (February 12, 2017 at 08:37 PM)

Os textos estão aparecendo por cima da imagem,tem como vocês corrigir esse bug.

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