Bugfix List for iOS App

Last Update: July 14, 2017

Here's a detailed list of recent and archived bugs fixes for our iOS Mobile App in the iTunes App Store.

NOTE: A handful of our mobile app users have been experiencing some rare unfortunate issues even though not many since it works well for most. As a result we've created a JotForm Mobile App Beta Testing Program that you are more than welcome to join to help test unreleased future versions as well as new features so we can ensure reliability and stability of our mobile app. Also, you may opt-out of testing at any time.

Bug Fixes for iOS App Update 3.9

- Improved performance.

- Fixed issue regarding some users not receiving push notifications.

- Fixed rare crashing issues.

Bug Fixes for iOS App Update 3.8

- Improved performance.

- Fixed a rare small bug where form text appears to be cut off

- Fixed rare crashing issues.

Bug Fixes for iOS App Update 3.7

- Improved performance.

- Removed some HTML entities that still show up.

Bug Fixes for iOS App Update 3.5

  • - Fixed an iPad bug.

  • - Fixed rare crashing issues.

  • - Improved performance of the App.

Bug Fixes for iOS App Update 3.4

  • - Fixed spacing issue for form label if there is no submission text.

  • - Fixed issue in certain case regarding deleted forms showing up in the iOS App.

  • - Prevent rare case regarding null data from showing up for certain form fields.

  • - Fixed a rare issue regarding wrong form appears to be selected (orange bar) when it isn’t the one selected.

  • - Improve performance of the App.

  • - Updated icons for the iPhone and iPad App.

  • - Added alert message to ask user to enter their email for send a suggestion and report a problem when they don’t have an email.

  • - Added ability to login on the Apple Watch App when it is in the background.

  • - Improved Apple Watch performance and speed.

  • - Fixed syncing issues with Apple Watch that can occur.


jerrimarques (February 12, 2017 at 08:37 PM)

Os textos estão aparecendo por cima da imagem,tem como vocês corrigir esse bug.

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Howard Hill (April 07, 2017 at 03:46 PM)

I have an iphone 7 , when I try to enter times. It prompts me to enter in military format. It will not allow me to enter a time.

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