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How to view Encrypted Submissions in the iOS Mobile App

How to view Encrypted Submissions in the iOS Mobile App

Caution: Preview Before Submit Widget will create a conflict with the encryption process and the data will not be encrypted. Please do not use this widget on your encrypted forms!

Keeping your forms and submission data secured is important for several different reasons and to help maintain this line of security we've extended this feature into our Mobile App as an enhancement of that.


Below you'll find instructions walking you through the process of adding a key with your mobile app to allow you to quickly and easily view encrypted submissions on your smartphone.


1 – Open iTunes on your Computer

2 – While you are waiting for iTunes to open go ahead and connect your Mobile Device to your Computer via the USB Sync Cable.


3 – Next, go back into iTunes and select your mobile device and select Apps.



4 – Scroll halfway down in the Apps Window below the apps listing and go to File Sharing and then look for the JotForm App and select it.

5 – Now go to your Computer's File Explorer and get your downloaded Decryption Key “jotform.key” that was Generated from wherever you previously saved it.

6 – Drag the JotForm Encryption Key File from your desktop into the JotForm App under the File Sharing in iTunes. This will prepare it for syncing into the mobile app.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do Not change the File Name for your Encryption Key. Renaming the Key File as something else will break it and it will not work.***

7 – You will see the JotForm Key File appear in your File Sharing for the JotForm App.

8 – Now click the Sync button to sync the key file with your mobile device. After it is done syncing which should only take a few seconds to disconnect your device from your computer.

If you the file disappears or if you reconnect and notice it is gone then do not worry as this is normal. The syncing of the file with your device sends the key file to be stored securely within your iCloud Storage.

9 – Now, go back to your device and close the JotForm App if it is still open then Re-open it. If you do not Close the App first and attempt to do this then there is a chance that it may not work.


10 – Finally go to your Encrypted Submission to view it and this time around you should now see a Key Icon at the very top menu in the mobile app appear.

11 – Tap the Key Icon and your Encrypted Submission will now decrypt itself so you can view it!


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  • Dreamwellness

    I went through this process and I was able to fileshare the key and then clicked sync. I reopened Jotforms on my iPhone but the key does not show up on my device... When i click the Key Icon, I get an Announcement, "Please file share your key through itunes. Click OK when you have completed this."

    This is the same error I was getting prior to taking the steps in itunes that this page details. What are my next steps to get this to work. I did close the app and reopened it, that didn't help. I even signed out and back in and that still didn't work.
    Thank you!

  • expeditedtxpt

    I have tried this several times and it hasn't worked for me. After I sync the key in iTunes and restart the app, clicking the "key" icon doesn't decrypt the text. It works fine on though.