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How to display uploaded image in the form emails or thank you message

How to display uploaded image in the form emails or thank you message

In order to display uploaded images directly in your email or on thank you page, you should add IMG: prefix into your upload field tag. Example:

FROM: {uploadImage}
TO:  {IMG:uploadImage} 

This prefix will create an image with the original dimensions of the uploaded image. If you want to specify dimensions, you should provide them as arguments. Such as: {IMG:uploadImage:100:200will put an image 100px wide and 200px tall. However, if you'd like the width or height to be auto-calculated just leave them blank. Example:

{IMG:uploadImage::200} - width will be automatically calculated with a 200px height.

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  • Premierportgroupltd

    using "Take Photo" Widget, how to adjust dimensions of the uploaded image? {IMG:uploadImage:100:200} / {IMG:uploadImagine:100:200} doesn't work.



    at the same time, i can't edit the source code in email setting like this:

    thanks in advance.

  • VolleyballQLD

    Does this only work if I have not ticked in my settings the "Require log-in to view uploaded files." option?

  • iwizzforms

    Hi not having much luck with this. Did as shown but just getting blue ? where the image should be..

    Any ideas on how to fix?

  • barbgreenlee

    Is there any way to do this with an uploaded PDF instead of an image?

  • purearts

    I'm getting a small box in my responder and notification emails instead of the actual image. When I right click on the small box and "open in new tab" I get an error 404 - The requested URL /proxy/aJktzIkdaD_IOtEdjSk00KWZRKtirmnjfcaIFNEeTIWD5876CTisG_pmNJ0sOTpj2z25YfgzeVcatp0ElJbZBFP8IQM-9-AuYNlgHLh2Pq96WxxxdPDRabtIc48CF2aJUUQmWuVfzjUWLeHzzJvx4k7wbk6uAjGzx-8DdvAO4g5S4pCZFmx_AWZVF_rEwqf7yGELTMqtqFO8=s0-d-e1-ft was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

    What am I doing wrong?