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Keeping Form Field Order While Viewing Submissions On The JotForm Mobile App

Keeping Form Field Order While Viewing Submissions On The JotForm Mobile App

This guide is deprecated. A completely redesigned version of JotForm Mobile Forms app is now available to download in the Apple Appstore.

NOTICE: As of iOS App Version 3.8 this problem should now be resolved but, if you experience this issue please first make sure you have at least Version 3.8 and later installed otherwise open a thread or report it to us at .

A common issue that has been circulating off and on some which may seem like a bug within our JotForm Mobile App is that at some point you might received a submission in the app where your submission data doesn't show the answers in the same order as it does on desktop in comparison.

Why or How did this happen? 
Well, the main reason this has happened to put it simply is because of you've created your form that way but, let's take a moment to explain how that it got to that way.

Basically, when building a form your fields are created within in our servers in a particular order and they stamped with a date and time. So when you are looking at it from your computer our System is already designed to read and correct this on the fly which is why it works there to reflect it properly.

However, our Mobile App on the other hand functions mostly through the usage of our API so it is currently somewhat limited in what it is capable of doing and unfortunately as of now it cannot read or correct these types of changes that are being made if the fields are placed differently than when you first built it.

In case any of that is confusing or sounds foreign I've created a visual example of this for you below so that it is a little bit easier to understand to fix and prevent it.

Problem Scenario:
Let's say today you start off with Form A around 4 pm creating three fields on it and you place them right after one another a few minutes apart as you are thinking about it such as Field 1 for Name, Field 2 for Address, and Field 3 Radio. I've highlighted the date and time for you of these being created on our server for when those were added.

You then receive your 1st Submission and it appears like this in the Mobile App:

Form A:
Field 1 - Name (created on 11/10/16 @4:01pm)
Field 2 - Address (created on 11/10/16 @4:03pm)
Field 3 - Radio (created on 11/10/16 @4:10pm)

However, you then had to step away for a bit and come back to it roughly an hour later at around 5pm mainly because you realized you forgot a field and wanted to make a change to add in something else. 

You decide to add two more fields. You add Field 4 for Phone and Field 5 for Email which you inserted between fields 1 and 2 as highlighted in yellow below to show you the time stamp and place it was added. But, in reality our server adds those after at the very bottom because they were created much later on with the highlighted and our site knows this but the app doesn't yet.

So then you get your 2nd Submission in the App but, this time it looks like this:

Form A - Modified:
Field 1 - Name (created on 11/10/16 @4:01pm)
Field 4 & 5 << You added here
Field 2 - Address (created on 11/10/16 @4:03pm)
Field 3 - Radio (created on 11/10/16 @4:10pm)
Field 4 - Phone (created on 11/10/16 @5:21pm)
Field 5 - Email (created on 11/10/16 @5:25pm)

You can easily correct this problem for further submissions if you change it to Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, Field 4, Field 5 in chronological order and then new submissions would begin arriving in the correct order again. 

Unfortunately, it's not possible to just change it, so essentially you have to create each field in order the way you want since it is based on time it was created.

**Additionally, please note that we are working on a permanent fix for this within our mobile app which may take awhile until it is available but, for now this is the best way to correct this issue until then.**

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  • WTAAWitz

    On iOS the problem may be solved, but unfortunately not on android app. :(