How to Setup the Highrise Integration

Added: December 27, 2016

Highrise is a Customer Relationship Management software which helps you track people, conversations, and tasks to keep your relationships fresh. Be prepared to make a difference for your business.

With JotForm’s Highrise integration, you’ll be able to track contacts & tasks since you cannot have any conversations in a web form. The best part is, you can add unlimited fields for tracking to manage contacts & tasks how you want them to be.

How to Setup the Highrise Integration:

1. Get a Highrise account if you don’t have one and copy your authentication token (

2. Go to our form builder and click on the Integrations button on the toolbar:

3. Select "CRM" from the Category and click the Highrise block:

4. Authenticate yourself by completing your Highrise login URL and entering your Authentication token.

5. Choose your list.

6. Match your form fields.

7. Click the Complete Integration button and that's it! Your form is now integrated with Highrise CRM:

Do you have any question? Did you find any trouble while doing the integration? If so, please let us know in the comment box below or create a new thread to our support forum.

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