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Learn to use the JotForm Mobile App for Creating and Editing Forms!

Learn to use the JotForm Mobile App for Creating and Editing Forms!

It is now possible to Create and Edit forms using your mobile form thanks to our Form Builder Version 4 so let's take a look at how to do that with ease!

We'll safely assume that you already have the JotForm Mobile App installed but, if you don't then please see before continuing.

PART I:  Form Creation using the Mobile App:

Step 1:

Go ahead and log into the Mobile App where you'll first see a listing of "All Submissions".

You should now be looking at something like this:
All Submissions

Step 2:

Now tap on the white-lined menu button in the upper left corner.

App Menu Button

Step 3:

From here you will then see another page and listing of All Submissions, New Submissions. And below that in the grey area is where your My Forms reside. Ignore all of this for now and look at the very bottom for a button on the right corner almost in the lower middle where it says "Create Form". Go ahead and click on it.

Create Form Button

Step 4:

Upon clicking the "Create Form" button our mobile app will recognize this to securely log you into your account form builder using your default Mobile Browser automatically so that you can begin creating forms. Have fun!

Create Form on Mobile

PART II:  Editing Forms using the Mobile App:

Now that you know how to use our Mobile App to create forms let's take a quick moment to show you how you can Edit Forms just as easily!

Step 1
Return to the page listing that allowed you to choose between All Submissions, New Submissions, and your My Forms Submissions.

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  • roguecomic

    I have a question.

    Is there a way I can use a form as a tool for employees in my building?
    For example, if a maintenance person is walking around and notices damage to the building. He/she could use their phone to fill out a simple form, submit the form containing details of the damage. Maybe some pictures and a list of tasks needed to repair the damage, which would then integrate with a task managing software like Asana.
    It's possible that there would be multiple types of forms that an employee would need to fill out for different types of incidences.It would be great If the forms existed in an app that could be opened from the phone's homescreen.
    Any help would be appreciated