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How To Apply Keap Tags Depending on Form Answers

How To Apply Keap Tags Depending on Form Answers

Tags, according to Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft), are pieces of information that you know in advance. They are preferences or behaviors about your customers that you can predict. JotForm now offers two methods of tag application — static tagging and dynamic tagging.

Static tagging simply lets you, as the form owner, select the tags to apply to all responses submitted to your form.

Dynamic tagging, on the surface, would just simply add a checkbox containing all the tags available under your Keap application. However, this is where the fun begins. Exposing the tags as a checkbox field opens up a new world of possibilities.

Using Conditions To Automate Tagging

Let’s say you have an order form or a registration form. You would like to know if the respondent is a new customer and correspondingly add a ‘New Customer’ tag to the Keap contact created. As soon as you integrate Keap and select the ‘Dynamic Tagging’ option, a checkbox containing all your tags is added to the form. The field’s label can be changed, but the options should not be changed as they are directly tied to your Keap tags.

Hide the field so that your users cannot choose the tags themselves.

Add the ‘Are you an existing customer’ question, whether it be a checkbox, dropdown or a radio button. We'll use a radio button field for this example.

Add a condition that populates the tag checkbox if the user answers that they are a new customer. (Tip: separate multiple tags by a comma).

Voila! Your form now automatically applies the tag to the Keap contact.

Keap Campaigns

Because of dynamic tagging, you can now control most of your Keap campaign flow. Want to add a user to a campaign based on customer input? Simply add a tag to a campaign. Once this tag is added to contact (via conditions and dynamic tagging), the user will also be added to this campaign automatically and seamlessly.

More Use Cases

There are plenty of other use cases for conditional tagging. For example, you can add multiple rules to your conditions, or provide users with links pointing to the same form but containing different parameters that will fill in the corresponding Keap tag.

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