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How to Add a Logo to the Welcome or Thank You Page

How to Add a Logo to the Welcome or Thank You Page

Logos bring out the identity of a company, service or product. That’s why you may want to add the logo of yours to the Welcome or Thank You page on JotForm Cards. 

Adding a logo is easy, you can add it to both pages or choose only one of them.
1. Please note that they have different sections into the builder:
🔘 Welcome page section:

🔘 Thank You page section:

2. If there is an existing logo you can remove it, simply click on the "Remove Logo" button and add a new one.

🔘 Otherwise simply select the "Click to add logo" button:


You can either upload the logo or use existing icons using the wizard.
🔘To upload a file from your local storage, select "UPLOAD". (red section)
🔘 To use a file that you have previously used, click on"MY IMAGES". (blue section)
🔘 Or simply enter the URL of the file from "ENTER URL". (yellow section)

Another option is to quickly select from our predefined icons at the SELECT ICON tab.

Note: Logos are considered as copyrighted items. So please be sure that you have permission to use them before you add a logo to your form.

Sample Form:

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  • CVIFitness

    I have a pdf file and an AI file for my logo. I get the message that the file type is unsupported when I try to drag and drop either of them in the upload box. I have not run into this problem with a logo before. Please advise what file types are supported.