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How to Integrate Paysafe with your Form?

How to Integrate Paysafe with your Form?

Paysafe is an online payment gateway. It brings together the payment methods your customers want and the payment services your business need.

With Paysafe, your customers can pay with their credit card straight from the form. The payment will be securely processed through Paysafe API.

What can you do with JotForm's Paysafe Integration?
Sell Products
Collect Custom Amounts
Collect Donation

Here's a guide:

1. Add Paysafe to your form it's under Payments tab.

2. Enter your Paysafe credentials, Username, Password and Account Number.

a. Sign in to your Paysafe merchant account then go to Settings > API Key and copy the Username and Password.

b. Go to Accounts then copy the account number.
3. After that, you can choose whether you want to Sell products, Collect Custom Amount or Collect Donations.

4. Let's assume that you want to sell products. Once you click the "Continue" button, you'll be moved to the product section where you can create products.

5. That's it!

How to Test Paysafe Integration?

1. Enable Test Mode in the Paysafe Integration Settings under Additional Gateway Settings

2. Replace the LIVE API Keys with your TEST API Keys (username, password, account number). You can get Test API Keys when you create a test account at

3. Make a test submission to your form using the following credentials.

To simulate a test payment successfully, here are the requirements.

a. In your form, you need to make a test product with $1 or $100 amount and select it during the test payment. 
b. Use the following test payment info.

Credit Card: 4037112233000001 (VISA)
CVV: 111
Address (Street first line):  X

More test instruction from Paysafe: 

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