How to integrate PayU Turkey with your form?

October 27, 2021

PayU Turkey is one of the best payment gateways for you because of its fast and secure payment processing in Turkey. PayU Turkey is easy, secure and scalable solution for your customers.  You can start receiving payments through credit cards, debit cards and BKM Express only with a contract and a single integration.

What can you do with Jotform’s PayU Turkey Integration?

  1. Sell online products
  2. Collect donations online
  3. Let users make a custom payment

How to integrate your forms with PayU Turkey ?

Create a Jotform form and open form builder.

1- Click “Build”.

2- Click “Add Form Element”.

3- Open Payments Tab and find the PayU Turkey in the list. You can drag and drop the PayU Turkey into the form page.

4- In the Payment Wizard, please fill the textboxes with your PayU Turkey  credentials.

PayU offers local solutions for their each merchants from different countries. Therefore, you need to specify integration type as PayU Turkey.

5- You can use your form to sell your products, subscriptions and collect custom amount payment and donations from the submitters. You need to select your Payment Type.

6- Click Additional Gateway Settings to customize your gateway settings better.

After that, click Continue to continue with Payment Settings.

How to Test PayU Turkey

You can also test your gateway from Additional Settings. You need to ON the SandBox Mode to test your Payment Gateway. It doesn’t charge real cards.

  • Credit Card (Visa) : 4355 0843 5508 4358  
  •   Credit Card (Master Card) : 5571 1355 7113 5575  
  •   Card Expiration Date  :12/18  
  •   CVV : 000  

You can find more details about how to test PayU Turkey here.

7- In the Payment Settings, you can create products, coupons and define shipping and tax amounts for your products.

Coupons Settings

Shipping Settings

Tax Settings

When you select User Defined Amount or Donation, your customers can enter a custom amount and pay it.

PayU Secure Payment Page

PayU Turkey is a redirect payment gateway. They offers hosted payment page and customers enter their credit card numbers etc. in here. This makes payments more secure. You can see an example secure payment page of the PayU Turkey below:

Do you have any questions or suggestions about Jotform’s PayU Turkey integration? Please post them in the comments below.

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