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How to Create a New User or Admin on Enterprise Server

How to Create a New User or Admin on Enterprise Server

Depending on the number of seats you have bought for your Enterprise server, you can create new users or admins. To create a new user please follow the steps shared below: 

Step 1: Go to your account’s Admin page.

Step 2: On the Admin page, you will see a list of existing users, you can edit them as well if this is needed. To create a new user or admin on server, please proceed with ADD NEW USER button:

Step 3: Now you can enter details to create a new user or admin. The only difference between a User and an Admin is that admins can create and manage other users. A User does not have access to Admin page of an Enterprise account. 

Account Lock feature allows to prevent login to an account while keeping all its data safe. Due to security reasons, an account can get locked by system automatically in case of suspicious activity detected.

create user

Note: Please make sure not to include spaces and special characters within Username

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    I have created a user and shared forms but she cannot see them