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OneLogin SAML Configuration

OneLogin SAML Configuration

Add new APP to your company apps in administrator screen

Search for “saml test connector” and select OneLogin “SAML Test Connector (IdP w/attr)

Set JotForm app’s details and save the app;

  • Display Name: JotForm

  • Rectangular Icon: #URL

  • Square Icon: #URL

After save request is completed, it will redirect you to the app.

Click to Configuration tab and fill the application details for JotForm SAML and Save.

    • Audience: https://{subdomain}

    • Recipient: https://{subdomain}

    • ACS (Consumer) URL Validator*: .*

    • ACS (Consumer) URL*: https://{subdomain}

    • Single Logout URL: https://{subdomain}

On the next step, click Parameter tab and be sure about Email attribute is in the list (JotForm Enterprise is using email attr to match users)

Next step is to get the SAML details of OneLogin for JotForm, click on SSO tab and copy and send endpoint details of SAML to us via email.

  • - x.509 Certificate (details are at next step)
  • - Issuer URL
  • - SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)
  • - SLO Endpoint (HTTP)

How to get x.509 certificate

Click to View Details and copy the certificate

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