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How to Change the Clear and Print Button Text?

How to Change the Clear and Print Button Text?

Changing the Clear/Reset and Print button text is super easy, follow these 2 simple steps.

1. Click the SUBMIT button to highlight it > then the GEAR icon to open its properties window

2. Then click the ADVANCED tab > turn ON the RESET and PRINT buttons > and change their labels respectively

If you have any questions, feel free to post comments below.

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  • EasyLife18

    Gostaria de colocar mais de um botão "enviar". Ai cada um ia para uma página (URL) diferente. Tem como?

  • KendalSnow

    The PRINT function does not appear on the form element as the last element has the submit button on it. I cannot therefore select the submit properties? Is there another way to print the form?

  • Rafa

    Thank you so much. I worked for me for the first form only.

    After cloning this first form, i found that my forms show "Borrar Clear Form" (i only wrote Borrar) and i can't find a way to fix it.

    Thanks in advance for any help/idea,


  • stynia

    Sorry to qucik.
    I was happy with this answer:

  • stynia

    Yes, it works. I'am happy.

  • educlick

    It just worked perfect for me:)

  • Chelena

    Hi I do not want the Submit button to display on paper when I print form. How do I disable an element to print. Thanks.

  • DutchGalgoLobby

    How about changing the content of the 'browse' button?

  • sanaullahrais

    I want to add only reset button in my form not a submit button.Please email me jotform.please help me.and please increase your submission 10 to 30.please sir..

  • EltonCris

    This new method should work. =)

  • pplnbahrain

    Where is the code?

  • guest_22980734538058

    The code is missing...