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How to Stylize Feedback/Lightbox Title?

How to Stylize Feedback/Lightbox Title?

To change styling for your form's Feedback or Lightbox window title, insert these codes in your webpage's source preferably above

- You may replace the value of font-family with any Web Safe Fonts you prefer.

- It is also possible to modify the title's font-size to suit your needs.

- Aligning the title to center, left, or right is also doable. 

Font-color and title bar background color can be changed in the Lightbox/Feedback Embed Form Wizard.

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  • DigitalDrawingRoom

    How can i change the title font-weight, shadow, remove the border below the title?

  • gggg


  • mikevila

    How can I add the word Close next to the X, in the title bar, for the computer challenged customers please?

  • buildware

    Where can I change the code to edit the font size of the Lightbox Title?

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