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How to Save Forms and Continue Later

Last Update: March 15, 2017

Got Lots of Form Pages? Make JotForm Save Submissions on Each Page. Let's say that you have a survey which includes over 10 pages. Your user starts to fill out your forms but suddenly something happens, maybe the computer shuts down or the user has an urgent call and closes your form without submitting it. It is possible to prevent this, JotForm has an amazing feature that saves the forms for each unique user and for each page the form is filled. That way your users will be able to continue to fill out your forms whenever they are available. But, the tricky part is you have to keep a Session ID.

Note: This method requires two forms and a Page Break in order for it to work, and as a matter of fact our session system will not be able to handle a large amount of records in drop down menus. So please be aware of it, before to implement this method.

We will need to have two forms:

Form 1 : The first form where the user will need to fill out the name and email field. The session URL will be created here and we will use the email field as the session ID.

Form 2 (Main Form): This is the main form where all the necessary and important fields we need to collect. The main form needs to have page break, please also note that the progress on each page will only be saved when the "Next" and "Back" button is clicked.

1. Create a form to get name and e-mail. On the title, explain the user why this is necessary. This will be referred as the first form from now on. Form 1 Example:

2. Create another form that they will be redirected to. This will be referred as the main form from now on, which will contain the Page Breaks. Form 2 Example:

** If you want to change the back and next button text, just click on gear icon for each Page Break, and change the text from the GENERAL tab. **
** You can also choose from a variety of our page break buttons**
** You can also change the visibility of each button. This function is found under the ADVANCED.**

3. When main form is finished click "Preview Form".

4.Copy the Form URL. Here's the preview window where you can copy the form URL.

5. Turn off preview mode, and go to "My Forms" list by clicking on the JotForm logo:

6. Go into the edit mode of "Form 1" again.

7. On Form 1, create an Autoresponder E-mail, that will be sent to the form submitter:

8. On the EMAIL tab of your Autoresponder, erase all the data in the Email Content area and write something meaningful for the user. Because this will be sent to his/her email.

9. Paste Form 2's URL here (the one your copied earlier), and at the end of the URL add a question mark "?", after the question mark write "session", next to it add the equals "=" sign and click E-mail from the Form Fields drop down. So far your URL should look like this:


Below is a screenshot showing how I composed my autoresponders message:

10. Then hyperlink it using the formatting toolbar above, highlight or select the custom form session URL, and copy it, then click the insert link icon, and paste the URL in the "Url" box.

11. Click OK and save the changes.

We've covered the part where our main form will be emailed to our users when they submit their names and e-mail addresses. They will be able to complete their forms whenever they want from their e-mails. However, we also can create a redirect page after they have submitted the first form.

12. In your Form 1, click on Settings, then on "Thank You Page".

Here you can edit the message or simple redirect the user to another page URL. I'll select "Show a Thank You page".

You will then be navigated to this part where you can simply edit the thank you message of your form. In my case, I will compose the same message I have in the autoresponder and tell the user to use the session link to continue to the main form.

You can start editing right away, and the edits will be saved automatically.


If you would like to pass the name and email field to this new Jotform - that is easy as well, just follow the guide here: Prepopulating fields to your JotForm via URL parameters to learn how to get and set parameters for prepopulating over URL.

In our sample, to pass the name and email we would add at the end:


- as you can see we still need to include the session parameters, we have only added the email and name parameters after it.

If you any questions or difficulties with any of the steps above, please post a comments below.


  • alysyncurd

    That was quite helpful. I haven't tested it yet though.

    Is there a way to customize the name of the recipient inside the "Thank You/Redirect" form?

    Please let me know if possible...anybody?
    e-mail me @:

  • ResAdmin

    I will give this a try.

    How is this better / different from using {edit_link}

  • Astroskidder

    This works well, but it does not seem to save any of the Radio Button inputs?

  • ownerlistedhome

    If the user completes the form and then decides to make change to his or her answers at a later date will you be sent an e-mail notification that changes have been made?

  • englipediaES

    Two things:

    NUMBER ONE: Bug? I think I might have found a bug with the Saving Form function you outlined above, and might I add the explanation was easy to follow.

    Let me first explain how I understand this feature. Each time the the 'back' or 'Save & Go to Next Page' buttons are pressed, the form is saved? Correct?

    Now, here's the problem I'm seeing, the File Upload function looks to be working but doesn't work 100% of the time and the following is when it doesn't work.

    Usually, a file is something that is slotted last on a form, so right after you upload it, you click the Submit button. However, with this Save Form option you've laid out, the file isn't sent.

    Let me better explain. Let's say I upload a file and then push either the 'back' or 'Save and Go to Next Page' button.

    Then, I close out the window. By pushing one of these two buttons, I've saved everything I've entered into the form, and from the looks of it, it LOOKS like I've saved the uploaded document as well.

    Okay, so I go over to my email address and retrieve the URL of the form and open it back up. Go to the page that contains the uploaded document, and the link to the document is still there, too, or a small thumbnail if you have chosen to upload an image.

    However, when you hit the Submit button, the document isn't sent along with the form, only the text is sent.


    NUMBER TWO: While this Save Form feature is cool for people submitting forms, the people receiving these forms receive two emails: 1.) When the submitter completes the first page of the form, and 2.)When the submitter actually send you the completed form.

    Is it possible to not receive the first notification?


    Here's a link to my form. It's bare bones but it's set up just like you explained above: (if you do check out my form, please note that I haven't redirected the Thank You page to any URL yet.)

  • virgy

    quando creo un modulo e lo salvo , come faccio a crearne un'altro senza che si modifichi il precedente ???

  • virgy

    quando creo un modulo e lo salvo, come Faccio uno crearne un'altro Senza Che SI modifichi il precedente??
    scusate ma pima si e' inserita la parola stati uniti in automatico .-)

  • cchl

    Yeah this did not save my answer after I clicked Save and Finish the Form button. I'm still confused.

  • dittaeva

    I have three issues with this:

    1. Why not redirect directly to main form (with session ID) after submission of first form?
    2. How do I know the name, and e-mail of the submitters of the main form without asking them for that information again? Doesn't look like it's possible, but if session id was saved to the response it would be easy enough. Another way to make it work could be to trigger sending of e-mail trough button (next).

  • dittaeva

    Instead of this solution I think I'm going for:
    one form, with;
    1. a submit button named something like "send e-mail with edit submission link" (my form is in Norwegian) and explaining text, after questions from first form. Which will take the respondent to:
    2. a thank you page with link to edit submission (see, and
    3. send thank you e-mail with edit link.

    The challenge is to explain things so that the repspondent does not get confused when seeing the thank you page twice, and with an edit link. Luckily the thank you e-mail seems to be only sent once.

  • dittaeva

    Oups, my above "solution" isn't solving much since it does not save to the original submission when turning pages, so you still need the session id-link. I guess the thank you e-mail could provide both, though....

    You really should do something about this....

  • mservice

    My main form: located here:
    works flawlessly with only collapsable sections and no page breaks. Great!

    BUT the problem is I've followed the above instructions precisely but the Page Breaks cause entire collapsable sections to permanently disappear entirely, AND the Next/Save button does not function except to validate the form, which is unwanted.

    I have to make the form savable, hence I'm on this guide page.
    (Users complained that their form lost all of their many form answers if they accidentally navigated away or pressed the wrong button).

    My confirmation link (saved form link) is: (for my example) and each section 1-9 are numbered.

    Form opens with missing sections despite them all being visible. Pressing the first and only Next/Save button does not work, ie doesn't save. Attempting to revisit the page for editing also fails at: despite the first 2 sections having been saved by using the Page Break button.

    Please Please Help!
    Why is this peculiar behavior happening?

  • velocepublishing

    I'm creating a form with multiple pages. I've created four 'form' pages, and one 'login' page.

    Following the steps above, I can get everything to work for the first two pages (login and page 1), but when trying to create the email for subsequent pages, the option to insert 'E-mail' for recipient email isn't available – only fields on that particular form.

    How can I create a form with more than two pages? (A single page form that I tested didn't save the input data).

  • cgarrity

    Is it possible to use a field other than email for the session? For example a unique identifier that was provided to each respondent prior to filling out the form.

    In this case I would have three fields on the first form:

    Then I would use {uniqueId} for the session= instead of the email field - should this work?

    I tried this, but when I clicked the link from the autorespond email I didn't see any of the data I had already entered.

  • ChloeBear


    Is it possible to pre populate an email field in the main form using the email entered in the first form?

  • ywamharpenden

    I was just wondering can we not just use the redirect to a custom url?

  • ywamharpenden

    I've just found a bug.

    I have a section using a matrix and allowing the user to input data into the table. When I save it and then go to continue the form the data inputted into the table is lost.

  • tower59

    I am wondering about the security of this. If the form contains sensitive information, could someone access the session by guessing who a respondent might be and entering jotform...?
    Also, if the form is embedded in my site, is it possible to link the user to my site rather than to jotform directly? Thanks.

  • miamicrepes

    1-What about creating an account for repeat customers?

    2-What if a customer wants to change an order such as start time and date? I'm a caterer

  • miamicrepes

    I found the article about updating form submission via auto responder email

    I still am wondering about a customer creating an account. Can they create a username and password?

  • masglobal

    So far so good... I am almost done with creating this.

    Quick question, I need all forms to be secure. Do I add https:// to the thank you and auto responder or change the address to the secure.jotform one?

  • weightwins

    Do you have an idea as to how many dropdown menus 'a large amount' is? I use quite a few because I need to ask people what their height and weight is - but I need to use metric and imperial, which means I have about 7 fields, of which half are hidden.

  • tower59

    When a user hits "save and go to next", they get dropped in the middle or the bottom of the next page. Is there a way to add an automatic back to top when the next or previous page loads?

  • regional

    Is there a limit to how many text, drop downs, checks, and radio buttons you can have on the main form before it becomes too complicated to save and return to? Are their any restrictions or complications that can occur with a "heavy" form?

  • aliaswave

    Can you use different url?

    Since mine is embedded in wordpress it goes to a full page browser window instead of page in which the form is embedded?

  • AdminHAPPY

    We are wanting to embed our checklists in to the Google Sites, we prefer our clients didn't have to enter their name & email address everytime before completing the form as it is an extra step - whilst necessary for jotform, unnecessary for user in this case as in they will be in their own portal site and will have signed in for that. Is there anything on the horizon to develop this method of Saving Forms to Continue Later?? I see other form builders can do it so guess it can be done. Would be good to know if on agenda for development???


    This is a great explanation and the main form is saving info for a further session. My problem is that the autoresponder email is not being received at the email address given.

    Can you tell me why this may happen please?

  • bscsigns

    I am planning to use this for internal field work, I noticed that if i complete the form once than go through the process again, it pops up the form i did previously, is there a way to allow one email address to access multiple variations of the same form?

  • Mike Figueroa

    Why has this been deprecated? Is it still usable? Is there a replacement coming?

  • socraticus

    I have created 2 forms.
    First form ( and main form (
    Unfortunately Main form did not save my answer after I clicked Save and Finish the Form button.
    Can you tell me why?

  • notforprofitins

    can I make the link on the thank you page clickable?

    Can I somehow automatically forward the person to the new form?

  • Alain

    If I'm using an iframe the changes are not recorded. pe:

    If I'm using directly the link "" it works fine!
    How do you explain that? What I have to do? Thanks

  • BJ2


    I did my best to follow your instructions above, however, whenever I fill up the "first form" and go to main form link, the data from first form were NOT shown on the main form...I am really confused how to set it up properly.

    This is my sample first form.

    Moreover, there's no "population bar" or completion bar above...

    if you can, please, kindly fix my forms...

    I will wait for your kind reply.
    Thank you so much in advance!!!

  • Mariag73

    Hi, created two forms and ran a test. Here's the link

    Can't seem to get inputs to save to the main form. As the administrator, I could see Submissions had all saved the inputted data, but when I went back to the form using the edit link as a survey user, the main form i had filled out looked blank when I returned to it. Why can't the survey user see what they put in previously like the admin can? Can you help me figure out what I did wrong? Thanks

  • Mariag73

    okay, i got the main survey form to save data, but not uploaded forms. They were submitted, by do not show up as attached when user returns to continue work on their survey - it looks as if nothing had been attached.

  • scsoforms

    I can not seem to get my form to auto save information. Any help would be appreciated. I have done all the above multiple times. The link below is to the first form.

  • sorglenda

    How do you paste name and e-mail from the first form to the main form?
    Is there a way to use more than one condition? For example, go to the main form compatible with the e-mail and a month of the year. Of course, the first and main form have both questions.

  • eduantony

    Olá , estou realizando este tutorial, mas nã esta dando certo as informações não estão sendo salva no formulario para edição posterior e os campos preenchidos estão abrindo em branco.

  • jamesforpm

    Will the session ID expire at any point or can the user go back to it at anytime?

  • jamesforpm

    How did you enable the progress bar that updates with each question?

  • jamesforpm

    It's the progress bar widget

  • bowmandc1

    Can the form and data be saved without creating the second form? If I enable it in the advance setting, can I specify the number of days it will remain in the browser without creating a separate form?

  • James

    What do you mean by ,matter of fact our session system will not be able to handle a large amount of records in drop down menus' - how many records can be handled and is this records per drop down or the total number of drop downs?

  • jamesforpm

    Will this approach work with self-hosted forms?

  • jessica.meyer

    Okay I have the 2 different forms.

    But for some reason, when previous applicants add ?session= and their email to the end of the form it doesn't pull from their previous forms.
    When I tested it before, it worked fine but now it is not working. What did I do wrong?

  • gouldca

    I have been trying to use this feature and it doesn't really work. I see that back in 2011 there was talk of the developers working on a Save button. Any word on if that will become a reality. I love my jotforms, but really need this capability. I don't want to redevelop my forms on a new platform. PLEASE HELP!!

  • maddoxrealestate

    I feel like I'm so close yet so far.

    I have created a checklist form that I would like to be able to come back to when needed (obviously)

    that's the link to the name/email portion which leads to the actual form, but when I submit the second form and click the link from my email, it starts a blank form over again with no saved info.

    Help? =(

  • amalaizat

    I have followed the steps given. However I am stuck at step 3.
    When I click Preview, it says Form not Found. Please help.

  • tristargrp

    I set up my first form and main form based on a unique ID (auto number). At first I thought it was working, but now, when I paste the link into a different browser, the information is not there. Please help.

  • gouldca

    {edit_link} seems like a much cleaner way to do this. What is the benefit to using the method outlined above?

  • merwin.abadilla

    Hi, so I have a form with multiple pages (i.e. page breaks) and did the save session method. It seems to work fine but it always start s from the first page. Is there a way to automatically skip to the uncompleted portion of the survey without the respondent having to click "next" until they get to the uncompleted part?

    Thank you!

  • DecadeofDifference

    Hi, I've noticed a minor issue with this. On the demo of this, the percent complete progress bar doesn't show an accurate reading when you go back in using the edit url link that you are redirected to upon submission. It just says 0% complete at the top of every page. Any chance this can be fixed?

  • colabination

    I tried this method and it is not working on my embedded form:/ Please help!

  • SFCA

    I followed all the steps and was able get a personalized link with my email, but none of my information saved in the second form. I also do not have a "Save" button on the second form. Just "Submit". Please help!

  • orgsource

    I have set up my form using your instructions, so that users get a unique link to get them back into their form. But it still seems to be browser/cookie dependent. I tried going through the form and even saving it, but when I went to a different browser all of the data did not show up. I had to use the original browser. Is there any other way around this?

  • tabud

    This works fine until I have one person submitting more than one form. Is there a workaround for this?
    Background: I used Adobe Forms to collect tech specifications for shows in a festival. Sometimes one person puts on more than one show - they need to do more than one form.

  • reverett

    Will this work if my forms are embedded into another website?

  • emucoe

    Glad this is a feature, but it's too many steps, compared to the functionality that was built into FormsCentral: Check a box to enable the Save feature. Done. When someone clicked the "Save" link in a form, they got a pop-up asking for their e-mail address, and they received an e-mail with a link to the partially completed form.

  • stephen.robinson

    Agree with emucoe. Needs to be made simple!!!

  • hclc

    I have a question about security. If the session ID is an email address, couldn't I use someone else's email and find the data in the fields already entered?

  • Gauravsomwanshi

    how add a save button before page break

  • leppekbenefits

    Hello, is it possible to use the continue function for ENCRYPTED forms?

    I have an encrypted form. It uses page breaks to create a session ID, and I am using the {email} as the session ID. When testing the survey as a user, I am able to use the front and back buttons and the fields are still populated with the right data. However, as soon as I click submit, the data is lost. I use the link with the session ID to return to the form, and the data is lost - all the fields are blank. This is true for the link on the thank you page and in the auto responder email I created. Is this just because my form is encrypted? Or is there a way around this?

    Second, in the auto responder email sent to the survey respondent's email, I have it showing the respondent all of his/her responses. In that email, I am able to view responses for the first 2 pages of my survey, but the data for the last page is garbled (encrypted).

    Thank you very much for your help!

  • sas

    how to get code sir.send code for me sir at help sir

  • emccleave

    Life Saver!!!

  • dorsetholidaylets

    Can you use this facility with the form embedded in our own web page?

  • marxmyth

    OH please, jotform, simplify this process! It was so easy in Adobe Forms Central. I've written for help and gotten three completely different answers. This should be simple.


    Thank you for your response to my initial question. I have followed the steps outlined above for creating multiple pages (page breaks) on my form to facilitate the save and continue...but it does not work when I follow the unique link. People mention a "Save and Quit" or "Save and Continue Later" option. Are these just text edits to the existing "next" button or is there some place where you have to assign the save feature to the "next" button?

  • glenpoolps

    I've followed the steps you have in your tutorial. The problem I am having is when using the link to return to the form, none of the work is saved, even though it is in my submissions table. I notice in your sample, the user get a url in the thank you of the main form and that url had a sessionID number. How do I get the session ID to pass in a url when the user submits the main form?

  • managementofchange


    What a lot of instructions.

    Can't you build a "save an return" button and have an isntruction of two sentences?

  • emucoe

    No, no, and no.

    From a human interface design standpoint, this is just silly. I want an option of simply adding a "Save" link, and when the user clicks that, a popup window asks for their e-mail address and then e-mails them the link to continue.

    It doesn't need to be this complicated.

  • nbuckle

    Does this method work if your form content utilizes the form tabs widget? My form has the Page/Break controls but they also have the content organized in tabs

  • shruthi gautham

    I have created two forms ( and it works fine.

    My concern is how will we prompt the users to complete the form.Is there way to send an email to the user every time the he pauses. Also as a store owner how will I get know the form is now completely filled and not paused.

    Kindly get back to me art the earliest.

    Thank you!!

  • mslacfac

    I did every step of this process with our form and ran through the list twice and it definitely is not working. Help! Our "Form 1" is here:

  • mslacfac

    Note - I also enabled autofill so you have to switch browsers to see that the unique link is not working.

  • Cassie

    I'm having major issues with this. I'm hoping someone on here can help.

    1. I did the two separate forms and followed the step by step instructions. I found out that if the form has a page break and none of the fields are required it will let the recipient go back in and change it one.

    My problem is I have a major annual report that many business will use to fill this out and it may take them a few times to fill out the information. My other problem is I have may required fields.

    The fields I have are calculations, matrixes, drop downs, check boxes, and conditions. Lots of conditions.

    So, how do I make this work? They will need to get past the page block and the required fields to press submit to be able to reopen and get back into it to edit. I'm just not sure how to do it.

  • bomboniere

    This works very well on the form I made except for the dynamic fields, nothing gets save there. Unfortunately those are the field that take a long time and need saving so user can finish later.
    the widget I used are the Matrix Dynamique, and Configurable list. If I could get those to work, It would be beyond awesome, with out it unfortunately the form and all the work to created is worthless, well other than the fact that this jofform site is the best thing I have ever found on the Internet ever!

  • bomboniere

    Update to above, It works now for some reason, sometimes not, but a refresh brings back the data. Hmmm well better than nothing. Possibilities are so great with this system.

  • bomboniere

    Ok for some reason the next morning nothing saved, not even the non dynamic info. Not even the demo you guys put up works. The name field also I can't auto populate because it only fills in the First Name part with both the first and last names.

  • apolsky

    There's one problem here. When I auto populate the Name (first and last) on the follow up form, it takes the first and last name submitted in Form 1 and combines them in the First name box in form 2. I'm sure there's an easy fix I just don't know how to myself. Thanks.

  • Nwakelam

    Hi There
    I have followed the instructions at the top to link the 1 form to the other and that works however when they are submitted they are 2 seperate submissions. Is there a way to get these all on 1 email. My form is for a blood bike organisation and we have the following.
    form 1 - Rider information and job number from co-ordinator
    form 2 - Collection note from hospital 1 which includes a signature and email back to collection point.
    form 3 - delivery note to destination hospital which includes signature & email back to delivery hospital (and ideally collection hospital).
    I tried having this on 1 form with the save later option but the signatures were not saving. And for legal reasons we need signatures.
    Can you help at all?

  • pfarrell

    Please help... I have a form that I need to save progress. I have tried working through the walk-through but I am getting balled up somewhere. I seem to be going in circles. My goal is that you when filling the form which is long if you take a break you will not lose all progress.

    Here is my pages so far
    Form 1

    Form 2

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  • WorldLearning


    Thank you for the step-by-step of this work around - very helpful! I'm wondering if there is any limit to how long the form is saved. Our form is an application that is open once a year for several months, until the following year. If the same applicant goes back into the application a year later, will their original responses still be accessible?

    If yes, what happens if the form is edited for the following year?

    Thanks for your help!

  • ForesightPrep

    Would it be possible to get the correct code (or code structure) for having it prepopulate into the correct fields for first and last names? With the one you supply above, it puts both first and last in the first name field—I tried a bunch of different things using the instructions on the prepopulate page but none have worked.

  • websiteteam

    I have completed this How to Save Forms and Continue Later modifications to the two required Forms and deployed Form 1 to my website:

    This is a Test site and the below forms are meant to test what I may accomplish for my client before I build the "Real" forms for use in the permanent site.

    When testing, I am not able to get any entries in the Form to save after using the "Next/Page Break" button. After I have clicked on Next, closed the form and then return to Complete, any of the prior entered data is not there?

    Everything is working except the pre-filled information is not saving when Form 2 is viewed again?

    These are the two Forms -
    Form 1: & Form 2:

  • davidvm

    Hi, is all this process still necessary with the current "Continue Forms Later" option enabled in settings?

  • ForesightPrep


    Is there a way to check in on the progress made by the application accounts set up by the folks filling out our form? Now that we have the page save option set up, I would like to see how much of the form has been completed and saved by the folks who have not yet submitted.

  • ForesightPrep

    i.e. is the form host allowed to access the data saved on to jotform's servers by folks who have saved an incomplete form??

  • pamelaerich

    If my form has required fields, is this option viable?

  • brandon.carlson

    I was using this to great success for a couple years, but now it seems like all my email fields are getting autofilled and overwritten with the email in the session URL.

    So, the person fills out the form, submits, and we get 4 of the same emails when they didn't intend for that to be the case.

  • MusicNB

    This was working well, or so I thought, but I'm now creating a new form, and not only is it not saving, my old ones (which are currently in the hands of clients) don't seem to be saving as well. What is going on?

  • dlaro2222

    is there a tutorial for this in jotform V4? it's hard to follow with outdated screenshots.

  • BCfoundation

    I am still having problems with people not being able to save their work and continue later. When they use the link to go back to their application, nothing is saved. Am I doing it wrong? Help please!

  • jamie_loonam

    I've been trying this for hours and each time, when I get the auto-response email and click the link, the form is blank: everything that I filled out is gone.

  • ss

    I'm new to development. This is the function i want to do in with But i'm not sure how to do this. Please help me to guide how to do in asp. Thanks in advance.

  • cathywong

    The form link that send to users for them to fill in the form later, can the domain be my own domain?

  • salvarez

    Tried this option, however, the save option only seems to work when I click on the link the first time. When I close and try to edit, all the information I filled out is missing from the fields.

  • Highred139

    I have followed these instructions perfectly. However, when I visit the form that I completed, there is no information. Here is the link from the email I received back to my form:

    Please help.

    Rob Caldwell

  • Primasia

    Hi How can I redirect the user to the main form after they submitted the contact form? Thanks.

  • agilo

    If I understand this feature correctly, we should be able to access any form by appending an arbitrary session string to the url:

    Then when this form has been submitted, we should be able to access the form and pull up previously entered data just by appending the same session value to the url:

    ...but this is not working on our forms. It doesn't pull up existing data.

  • mraiz

    I followed the steps above and made 2 forms however, the data I put in the main form won't be saved. Where did I go wrong? Please help...thanks!

  • Sarah_MWG


    I've followed the instructions but can't get the info to save.

    I have created an auto responder email however, have set up so an email is sent but the user is redirect to the main form once the session id is created.

    Thanks in advance,

  • mitchum01

    I've followed the instructions and when I go to the email and click on the link to get back to my saved survey, it's not saved. What am I doing wrong?

  • azusa website design

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  • arlettuca

    I followed the instructions. However the when I close the browser en open it again with the link in the e-mail nothing seems to be saved.
    What have I done wrong?

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