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Confirmation Page Tricks

Confirmation Page Tricks

It is highly probable that this trick will not work anymore due to the security updates done on the form's custom Thank You page that prevents custom injected scripts from working. However, we have created a special widget that lets you preview form entries before submitting the form.
You can get it here

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  • drakeladue

    Not sure what I have done wrong. Any ideas?

  • dcowan

    What is the default Thank You Page URL? When I select submit I get to the correct edit and review your submission. I make the corrections hit submit again and then confirm then get an error of this domain does not exist. I have tried google, and never recieve the corrrected form.
    Clone of Allow Users to Confirm Their Submissions is form I am testing with.

    Thank You,

  • habhab

    One question to these instructions above:

    Why did I have to copy the "string of digits at the end of the form's URL" in the preview window? Because I don't find in the instructions where I have to use this. Or do I have to replace the field {edit_link} with this? Although, without doing that, the form just works fine and jumps back to my form to edit it.

  • skyadinc

    I've tried adding the confirmation page trick to our website and it gave me the Invalid Form URL, so I tried adding a submission.html page with the following.

    document.write(" ");

    Unfortunately it is now giving me a 404 error when I try to edit the entry.

  • LostDogsArizona

    I tried adding the confirmation page and it all seems to work well until you try to edit the submission form after reviewing the confirmation page. I receive the following error message "INVALID FORM URL This form is not available for this domain".
    What needs to be done to allow submitters to go back and edit the form they submitted?

  • rtdnac

    When I try this, I get an error message when I try to Edit Entries, as described above.

    Invalid Form URL
    This form is not available for this domain.

    Here is the code I'm using.

    Edit EntryComplete Submission

  • Peter Varitimos

    I followed the instructions exactly.

    There are two issues:

    1) The name tag did not populate a name in the Thank you page. So it just said Thank you! instead of Thank you Peter!

    2) When I click the Edit Entries button, I get an error message that states "Form not Found" This form has been deleted by the owner. Try contacting the owner of this form.

    The form I used this on is the "Referee Availability Schedule"

    Thank you for your help.

  • carriesherburne

    Thanks for the trick. Unfortunately, when I click the "edit entries" button, I get a message that the form has been moved or deleted. Can you help?

  • aleetesting

    Hi, I would like to find out, where I can change the following text while redireting: ("Please wait while redirecting")
    I want to put transcription in different leangauge

  • aleetesting

    Hi, I have a question. Is it possible to implement this trick in the embedded form _

  • ChristianP


    ich created the confirmation page as explained above. When clicking "Edit entries" the following message appaeras:

    Invalid Form URL
    This form is not available for this domain.

    The for ID is

    Thank in advance for any help!

  • maria dominguez

    Can you please send me a confirmation page.

  • Region25

    When I click on the "this code" link in step 1, 2 buttons appear, but no code. Anywhere else I can get that code? Thanks!

  • mmeyers

    This seems to work, but wouldn't the confirmation autoresponder get sent when they click submit before they get the confirmation message? How would I only send it after they confirm and send on this new custom page?

  • CTSLifelongLearning

    Thank you. This is very helpful.

    I've created the confirmation page, but when I click "Edit Entries," sometimes it takes me back to a new form rather than the form with the entries I just added. Am i missing part of the code somewhere?


  • Jana

    I tried to follow these directions but am unable to get this to work on my form. I clicked on the example to see the confirmation process in action above. This is exactly what I want to do with my form but I can't get it to work. I need someone to send me the code to make the following form have a confirmation like the example above: