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How Can I Cancel My PayPal Subscription?

If you are trying to cancel your subscription that you have created directly over PayPal and are receiving an error telling you that you should contact support, or you get a message that it will be cancelled manually and you need it cancelled now, yo...

How to Cancel a Subscription and Downgrade Back to Free

If you want to cancel your subscription, please follow the steps below:1. Make sure you are logged in using your JotForm account/username at 2. First, click the human icon shape at the top right corner and click ...

How do I work with Square Subscription and cancel it in JotForm?

JotForm has been supporting Square Recurring payment since January 2019. You can collect your  subscriptions and recurring payments by using JotForm with Square. We are using Card On File feature of the Square. By this way, JotForm ...

How to Delete My Account?

NOTE: Deleting your account will delete all the forms and the form submissions owned by your account.To delete your JotForm account, follow the steps below.1. Go to the Profile section of your account.