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  • What happens to my existing form data?

    When you add HIPAA to your account, your existing data will be automatically migrated to dedicated HIPAA-compliant servers. Your data will be securely stored in our isolated HIPAA compliant system.

  • What is needed to enable HIPAA?

    Our HIPAA compliance feature is available only with Gold plan.

  • Are uploaded files also protected when I enable HIPAA?

    All data is stored according to HIPAA standards.

  • If I upgrade to HIPAA, will I need to recreate my forms?

    You will not need to make any changes to your existing forms. Your forms and form submission data are moved to our HIPAA servers automatically.

  • Do I need to log in to my Jotform account to view form submission data?

    If you currently use an integration that is HIPAA-compliant, such as Google Sheets, you can view your form submission data within that environment. Otherwise, due to HIPAA privacy regulations, you are required log in to your Jotform account to view this data. You will not received any form submission information via email.

  • What data do you include in notification emails?

    No submission data will be included in any notification emails. However, you will receive an alert that you have a new submission.

  • Are there any restrictions to enable HIPAA?

    There are no restrictions to enable HIPAA on your account if you have a Gold plan.

  • What is the cost of a HIPAA Account?

    HIPAA compliance is only available with our Gold plan. HIPAA is included in this cost and there is no additional fee.

  • Will I be able to create new HIPAA Compliant Forms?

    Once you enable HIPAA Compliance in your account you'll be able to use Jotform's HIPAA Compliant Form Builder to create new HIPAA forms.

  • What is different about a HIPAA Form?

    HIPAA forms look just like any other online form. You can still embed them into your web pages or send their URLs by email. Their main difference is how they store and transfer data. Jotform's HIPAA Forms, encrypt the data right on your form and then transfer and store the data encrypted. The HIPAA form data is stored in our HIPAA compliant servers which are separated from the Internet using multiple levels of protection and firewalls, and the encrypted data is stored in encrypted databases.

  • How can I receive Jotform’s BAA (Business Associate Agreement)?

    Once you enable HIPAA compliance on your account, Jotform will email a signed BAA.

  • Are my embedded forms HIPAA compliant?

    Yes. Jotform gives you several options to embed forms on your website, such as iFrames, lightboxes, or a popup window. To do so, you only need to copy/paste the appropriate code into your website and you’re ready to go.

  • Do you have integrations that are HIPAA compliant?

    Jotform integrates with several products that are HIPAA-compliant, including Google Sheets, Google Drive, Dropbox, Infusionsoft.

  • If I create a PDF using Jotform, is it secure?

    Yes, if you create a PDF document using Jotform PDF Editor or Customize PDF page, the document is HIPAA compliant. Additionally, this PDF can be sent as an email attachment. You can also protect your PDF document with password protection.

  • How do I set up my forms to be HIPAA compliant?

    To make your forms HIPAA-compliant, you need to have a Jotform Gold plan. Then go to your account settings and select the HIPAA option.

  • Can I accept secure online payments?

    Yes, you can accept payments directly in your forms through popular payment services, such as Square, PayPal, Stripe, BlueSnap, Authorize.Net, etc. Plus, Jotform does not charge you any additional fees.

  • How do I know which online applications are HIPAA compliant?

    With Jotform’s free HIPAA Compliance Checker tool, you can quickly see which popular applications and softwares offer HIPAA compliance for healthcare professionals. In order to make your chosen software HIPAA compliant, you must sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the company. If you’re looking to integrate your online forms with any of these platforms, you must sign a BAA with Jotform and another BAA with the third-party company in order for your forms to become fully HIPAA compliant.

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