9 Features

Make the most of your data with Jotform. Discover how you can import data, set up autoresponders, schedule reminders, and much more.

Reminder Emails

Send automated Jotform reminder emails to people who need to fill out your online forms. Add recipients, customize email content, set up a schedule, and more — no coding required.


Autoresponder Emails

Create automated emails and notifications with Jotform! When someone fills out your online form, they’ll get an email automatically — great for sending notifications, files, and more. Set up autoresponder emails in minutes with no coding required.


Notification Emails

Get notified instantly about form activity so you can respond to submissions without delay. Create advanced online forms with Jotform and get email notifications for each new response.


Data Import

Whether you need to import external forms and files or import submissions into Jotform, we make it easy to gather all your data in one secure place.


FTP Form

Create your online file upload form, collect responses, and send form submissions & file uploads directly to your server via FTP integration.


Export Submission Data

Download your forms as HTML files and your submission data as CSV, Excel, and PDF files, then save all uploaded files in a single zip file.


Data Routing

Send your form data anywhere with Jotform’s data routing features. Use conditional logic to instantly forward your form data, send emails, create approval flows, and more with no coding required.


Attaching PDF to Email

Send form submissions as downloadable PDF attachments in your emails.


Auto-Delete Submissions

Store form submissions in your email inbox or other third-party apps instead of Jotform. Delete submissions from your Jotform account automatically.

Advanced Form Options