Export & Download Submission Data

Simplify your workflow with Jotform’s data export tool. Export and download your form submissions as CSV, Excel, and PDF files.

Download all of your forms, submission data, and uploaded files into a zip file. Move all of your data onto your desktop or share it with others by sending a single file.

Export Submissions

With Jotform’s submission data tools, you can import, export, download, and share form submission data quickly and easily.

Download & Share

Jotform’s data export feature allows you to download all of your forms as HTML files and your submissions as a CSV file. All uploaded files are saved in a shareable zip file.

Export Submissions

Export form submissions directly from your Jotform dashboard with just a couple of clicks. You can download your data as Microsoft Excel, CSV, and PDF files.

Filter Submissions

Quickly manage submissions by filtering form data in Jotform Tables. To download only the data you need, filter by date, submission ID, name, email, and more.

Combine Data from Multiple Forms

Consolidate submission data from multiple forms with just a few clicks using Jotform’s import and export tools.

Kombináld a Beadásokat

Combine submission data from multiple forms, generate and download a CSV file of all the information, and manage your form data on other platforms.

Import Data from Other Sources

Jotform makes it easy to download, import, and convert submission data from a Microsoft Excel or CSV file directly into your forms.