Jotform White Labeling

Make your forms match your company branding with Jotform Enterprise. Enjoy a personalized look without having to build your own product from scratch — it’s like having an in-house developer at a fraction of the cost!

Use Your Own Domain

Strengthen your brand by showcasing it in your form URLs. Jotform Enterprise lets you connect your custom online forms to your custom domain, helping to improve your website’s search rankings.

Create a Custom URL

Make your online forms easier to use, access, and share with custom URLs. Before publishing a form on your website, you can easily rewrite and customize the form URL to better represent your brand.

Become a Jotform Enterprise Administrator

As a Jotform Enterprise administrator, you’ll be free to create forms, manage submissions, add or delete users, and review key performance metrics. You’ll also have access to all forms and submissions created by other users within your Enterprise account — with an exception for HIPAA-compliant forms, which must be shared with you by the original form owner.

Incorporate Your Company Brand

With Jotform Enterprise, you can even add your branding to your admin dashboard! Easily white label all aspects of your online form workflow to incorporate your company brand and present a professional platform to anyone you share your forms with.

Szabd Testre a Felhasználói Profilokat

A Jotform Enterprise lehetőséget ad felhasználói fiókok létrehozására, hogy csapatként dolgozzatok, miközben teljes kontrollotok marad az adatok felett. Adj hozzá vagy törölj felhasználokat és adminisztrátorokat, változtasd meg a hozzáférési szintjüket és firssítsd a beállításaikat és profil információikat, hogy személyre szabd a felhasználói élményüket. Gyors hozzáférést nyerhetsz a felhasználó előzményeihet és profilbeállításaihoz, keresheted és rendezheted a fiókokat és megtekintheted a tevékenységi naplót minden felhasználónál.

Customize Forms to Match Your Branding

White labeling allows you to add your company branding to your online forms. You won’t have to spend money and time creating your own product — just drag and drop form fields, upload your logo to power your forms in a way that works for your company. And with Jotform Enterprise, you can customize all aspects of workflow — including domain name, dashboard view, and more.

Create a Seamless Brand Experience

Whether you’re embedding forms in your website or assigning them to team members, leverage your brand and build customer and employee confidence by white labeling your forms and creating a cohesive brand experience for anyone who uses them.

Complete Form Customization

Nothing says professionalism like personalized form design. With Jotform, you can easily customize your online forms to look and work exactly the way you want them to — instantly showcasing your company’s professionalism, boosting brand awareness, and creating a smoother experience for your customers.

Fit Forms into Your Workflow

On top of complete white label customization, Jotform gives you plenty of helpful tools to further power your workflow — such as a dedicated support team to answer your questions, 100+ integrations and API capabilities to connect your forms to other platforms, user management control, a geolocation feature, and more.

Access a Dedicated Support Team

Segítségre van szükséged az online űrlapok vagy az irányítópult testreszabásához? Mint Jotform Enterprise felhasználó, kiemelt támogatást kapsz egy külön csapattól - így pontosan akkor kaphatsz segítséget, amikor szükséged van rá.

Streamline Your Workflow

Don’t just customize the look of your forms — customize your workflow, too. By connecting your online forms to custom APIs and 100+ powerful integrations like Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Google Drive, you can cut out manual data entry and save your company precious time.

Host Your Data Where You Are

Customization doesn’t stop with appearances. As an Enterprise user, you can choose exactly where you want to host your Jotform data, helping you to meet your country’s data privacy requirements.