Narrative Web Form Builder

Give your visitors a break from filling out boring web forms.

Create a Narrative Web Form!

There were times when web forms were so ugly, nobody wanted to fill a form or even see one. In time, forms started to improve in design and functionality. Now, all web forms look alike. It is time for a change! It's time for a different approach on web forms.

We want to make form filling a fun activity for your visitors and improve their conversion rate. Narrative Forms is a new approach to creating forms. The term was coined by KISSmetrics on this seminal article. Now, there is a way to create narrative forms easily!

Check out the example below to see what the difference is between a normal form and a narrative one.

Before Thumbs

Web forms all look alike. Boring!

Narrative Web Forms

After Thumbs

Now, they look interesting & fun.

Narrative Web Forms