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Visual: Jotform September Newsletter - Behind the Scenes at Jotform

The night begins with a walk down the aisle, a shuffle into our row, and a plop down in our assigned seat. The lights are dim, and the show is about to begin! While we're going to relax and enjoy the show, it's only natural to wonder what's going on behind that thick velvet curtain. What's going on behind the scenes? What did the actors do to prepare? How did the whole show come together?

Read on to get the behind the scenes, exclusive sneak peak into the inner workings of Jotform.




Visual: Aytekin, Founder and CEO

How We Work


What you do without thinking makes your company culture. It's things you believe in as a team. This is the story of how we work and what we believe in.




My Personal Journey


For years of my life, I aspired to be a lawyer. As an ENFP, I've always been an idealist and have wanted to reconcile the world we live in and the world that I can imagine for as long as I can remember.

Visual: Leeyen, VP of Marketing  



How I Work, Travel, Live, Learn, Explore and Code


It has now been almost two years since I started the long journey that took me from Thailand to my current location, Uruguay, covering some 13 countries on the way.

Visual: Alp Deniz, Dev  



Visual: Ecem, UX Designer

A Day in the Life of a Jotform UX Designer


I am a UX Designer at Jotform. My job is here is to listen to and analyze our users and try to create happy experiences for them. I am trying...




13 Design Tools We Use Every Day at Jotform


No, we are not getting paid from these software companies to write a post about them. These are just a few of the products we love to use on a daily basis.

Visual: Baki, UX  



How to Use Chrome DevTools Like a Pro


As the name implies Chrome Developer Tools is a tool that allows web developers to interfere and manipulate applications via the browser.

Visual: Ibrahim, UI Dev  



Designers: Don't Be Afraid to Fight with Each Other!


Designers should argue. At first it may sound ridiculous to take the stance of encouraging conflict. However, fighting can encourage passion and creativity to surface.

Visual: Alev, UX  



Visual: Chad, Director of Marketing

How Our Small Marketing Team Reaches the World


Jotform has been around a little while, but we still have a whole lot of story to tell. Even though we have 2 million users, we're a well-kept secret.




Unlocking the Secrets of Getting in the News


Jotform loves being in the news. This is the story of how we've gotten the attention of reporters to write about us.

Visual: Steve, Director  



Visual: Mustafa, Dev

Rewriting Jotform


Rewriting a big app like Jotform can be very painful since functionality written over several years has to be re-implemented in a fraction of time.




So You Want to Be a Programmer?


Don't have a bachelor's in computer science but want to become a programmer? It's absolutely possible and I'll guide you through it...

Visual: Ekrem, Dev  



Tools of The Trade


There are the products we use to get things done at the Jotform Development Team

Visual: Yolcu, Dev  



Measuring Success at Jotform


Learn how we measure user behavior to improve our product and how you can do the same for your web app or website.

Visual: Deniz, Dev  



How Jotform Uses Continuous Integration To Constantly Deliver Value


In this post I am going to describe the internal processes that allow Jotform to deliver new software sometimes hundred times in a day.

Visual: Kemal, Dev  



How React Helps Us at Jotform


We have been using React in production since the beginning of this year. We first used React and Flux in an isolated app, Form Analytics. It was one...

Visual: Hasan, Dev  



Visual: Titus, Widget Manager

Learning from Your Users: 5 Key Lessons


Whether you are building a web application, a mobile application, or a simple website to interact with users and customers, the approach is almost always the same: your users will define and shape what you are building.




Helping Jotform Users with Screenpresso


It can be tough job providing tech support sometimes. The ugly truth behind the scenes is the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

Visual: Kade, Mobile Tester  

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