Salesforce Integration FAQ

Have a question about how to use our Salesforce integration? Check out our most frequently asked questions below.

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  • Why should I use Jotform for Salesforce?

    When it comes to collecting customer data for Salesforce, you’ll need an easy way to create forms that look great, streamline your sales process, and let you collect all types of information. That’s where Jotform comes in! Sign up for a free account to get access to powerful form features, including 100+ third-party integrations, advanced fields like e-signatures and payments, a PDF Editor that converts submissions into PDF documents automatically, and a full suite of data management tools like Jotform Tables, Jotform Report Builder, and Jotform Approvals. A great sales pipeline is all about efficiency — and pairing Salesforce with Jotform can help you save time that’s better spent building strong relationships with your customers.

  • Can you create forms for Salesforce?

    Yes, but you’ll need to sign up for a free Jotform account first. Jotform offers 10,000+ readymade templates to get you started — including lead gen forms, contact forms, and payment forms — which you can customize in seconds with our-drag-and-drop builder. Once you’ve integrated your form with Salesforce, the information you collect will be synced to your Salesforce account automatically — where you and your sales team can tackle it right away.

  • How do I create web-to-lead forms for Salesforce?

    With Jotform’s free Salesforce integration, you can create web-to-lead forms that collect lead contact information and send it to Salesforce automatically! Just choose a readymade lead gen form template or create one from scratch with our drag-and-drop builder — then integrate your form with Salesforce in a few quick clicks, embed the form in your website or share it with a link, and start collecting submissions and syncing them to Salesforce instantly.

  • How do I embed my form into a website?

    It’s easy to embed your Salesforce form into any web page with Jotform! When you’re ready to publish your form, click the Publish button at the top of the Form Builder, and simply copy and paste your form’s unique embed code into your website’s HTML.

  • How can I embed a form as a lightbox for Salesforce?

    To embed your Salesforce form as a lightbox that pops up on your web page, simply select the lightbox embed option in the Form Builder Settings tab. You can copy and paste the code provided into your HTML and even make customizations to your lightbox’s appearance. Learn how to create a lightbox form in our user guide.

  • How can I add iFrame codes?

    Jotform offers an iFrame embed option that lets you copy and paste your Salesforce form’s iFrame code into any platform that doesn’t accept your form’s default embed code. You’ll just need to copy and paste our auto-generated iFrame code. Visit our iFrame user guide to learn how.

  • Is Jotform HIPAA Compliant?

    Jotform’s Gold, and Enterprise plans offer HIPAA compliance. To sign up, just upgrade your account and follow a few simple steps to obtain your signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Once you’ve received your BAA, you’ll be ready to collect protected health information safely and securely.

  • How does Salesforce integrate with Jotform?

    You can integrate your Salesforce CRM with Jotform in just a few clicks! When using our Form Builder to create your lead gen form, contact form, or signup form, select Salesforce from our list of integrations and authenticate your Salesforce account to sync form fields to your CRM. When a new lead fills out your form, their contact information will automatically appear in your Salesforce CRM, so you can spend less time manually transferring data between accounts and more time closing deals.