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  • Why should I use Jotform to create Squarespace forms?

    Jotform offers an easy-to-use Form Builder with advanced capabilities and customization options. Whether you need an order form that seamlessly accepts online payments, a signup form that instantly adds new subscribers to your newsletter list, or a contact form that boosts your conversion rate, Jotform makes it easy to collect the data, leads, and payments you need to manage your Squarespace-powered website.

  • How do I make a form for Squarespace?

    To make a form for Squarespace, start by choosing one of Jotform’s 10,000+ free form templates — or if you’re feeling adventurous, start from scratch! All of our form templates are fully customizable with our drag-and-drop Form Builder, so you can easily change fonts, colors, and background images; upload your logo; add advanced form widgets; and more. Once you’re finished, simply embed the form in your Squarespace website.

  • How can I embed my form on Squarespace?

    To embed a form on Squarespace, finish customizing your form with the Jotform Form Builder and then go to the form’s Publish settings. Click on the third-party platforms tab, then select Squarespace. Copy and paste the embed code into your Squarespace website, save and publish the page, and you’re ready to go!

  • How do I embed a PDF in Squarespace?

    With our PDF Embedder widget, it’s easy to add a PDF to your custom online form! Just use the Jotform Form Builder to drag and drop the PDF Embedder into your form, upload your PDF document, publish the form, and embed it in your Squarespace website. This feature is great for including the terms and conditions of a contract, waiver details, event information, and more.

  • How can I accept payments through Squarespace forms with Jotform?

    Whether you’re selling products or services, or collecting donations online, Jotform makes it easy to process payments through your Squarespace website. Just choose your preferred payment gateway from our 30+ payment processor integrations, add it to your form in the Jotform Form Builder, quickly set up the integration, and embed the form on your Squarespace website. For more information on how to set up payment integrations, please visit our user guide.

  • How can I accept files through my Squarespace forms?

    If you want to accept photos, videos, PDFs, and other documents through your form, you can add a File Upload Field using our Form Builder. You’ll have the option to adjust the type, size, and number of files your forms will accept. Keep in mind that Jotform has a limit of 1 GB per file and 25 files per submission.

  • Can I protect my Squarespace form from spam?

    To prevent robots from submitting spam through your form, simply add a CAPTCHA field. Jotform offers Google Invisible reCAPTCHA. It requires users to verify that they are human, reducing unwanted form submissions from spambots.

  • I’m having trouble creating or embedding my Squarespace form. Who do I reach out to?

    Please contact our 24–7 support team if you have any questions or concerns related to your Squarespace forms.