PayPal Express Payment

Use Paypal Express to make payments that improve your bottom line.

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A Frictionless Way to Accept PayPal Payments

An easy way to make and receive payments. Even easier to set up.

Create Your Payment Form

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Choose a template or drag and drop the form elements you need.

Add Paypal Express

Add Paypal Express

Select the Paypal Express icon under form elements, then connect your account. Simple!

Collect Payments

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Just like that, you have a powerful new form that makes it easy for your customers to pay you directly using PayPal.

Jotform Чини Плаћања Једноставним

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Unlike some form providers, Jotform doesn’t charge you a transaction fee; you just pay the standard PayPal rates.


PayPal Express was designed to make an already simple method of collecting payments even less complicated.

Unlike our standard PayPal integration, PayPal Express doesn’t redirect the payer to a separate page to complete the payment after they submit a form. Instead, a simple popup asks for a few additional details to finalize their purchase. This allows the customer to fill out your form faster and more accurately. There’s a good reason why so many businesses are collecting PayPal payments: over 250 million customers have accounts. And when you offer customers the payment method they prefer using, it increases the likelihood you’ll be paid quickly.

JotForm обрасци за плаћање могу се послати као самостални линкови или уградити директно на твој веб сајт. А њихово креирање не задаје муке. Само превуци и пусти поља обрасца која желиш да додате у JotForm-овом креатору образаца, а затим га прилагоди тако да изгледа као бренд твоје организације.

Поуздан, сигуран и ефикасан, PayPal је лидер међу системима за плаћање. Због тога је интеграција Jotform толико популарна. Од када су Jotform и PayPal први пут постали партнери 2010. године, више од 100.000 организација користило је PayPal Express за покретање својих образаца за регистрацију, образаца за пријаву, образаца за депозите, образаца за наруџбине, образаца за донације и многе друге.

Jotform is also the only form building software that’s PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 compliant, the very highest level of credit card payment security available. Not only is Jotform the simplest solution, but it’s also the safest. And with Jotform, you get access to our friendly 24/7 customer support team to help with any issues along the way.

Jotform and PayPal Express integrate so that your organization can focus on what it does best instead of worrying about how to get paid. Try it today for free and see how easy it is to collect the money you depend on.

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A buyer-friendly way to collect money.

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