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Bid Comparison Template
Submitted by: JotForm in Estimate Templates

A bid comparison template is a spreadsheet used to compare bids online. Whether you’re selling construction equipment or holding an auction, keep track of bids online with JotForm’s Bid Comparison Template! Start by customizing the spreadsheet to match your business — then enter bid details manually or link the spreadsheet to an online form to auto-populate with customer or client bids. You can even switch between spreadsheet or card view, to choose how to view your information.

This Bid Comparison Template is made to compare bids for construction equipment, but feel free to customize by changing label names and adding or removing rows to get the exact design you want. And if you’d like to add up totals to calculate how much money you’ll make, do it automatically with JotForm’s instant calculation feature! No matter what you’re collecting and comparing bids for, masterfully manage bid information online with this free Bid Comparison Template.

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