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Call Log Template
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A call log is a record of phone calls used by sales teams to track client calls and contact information. If you manage a sales team, use our free Call Log Template to easily record and information about incoming and outgoing calls and determine the top-performing sales agents on your team. All you have to do is enter details such as client name, call type, and notes into the spreadsheet using any computer or mobile device.

Your team is dedicated to providing clients with solutions tailored to their needs — so why not customize your Call Log to do the same for you? Just drag and drop to add more columns, rows, tabs, and labels to your spreadsheet. Once it’s filled out, you’ll be able to view, edit, and share this information with others on your sales team in just a couple clicks. With an easily-accessible online Call Log custom-made for your sales team, you can better keep track of all sales calls, ensure that every lead is being contacted, and effectively gauge your employees’ productivity!

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