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Client Onboarding
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Client OnboardingClient onboarding is the process of introducing new clients to your company and getting them up to speed in order to comfortably start doing business with them. No matter what type of business you manage, you can create an effective client onboarding process with our Client Onboarding Sheet Template! This free online spreadsheet will help you and your team more easily keep the onboarding process in check. To get started, simply enter information about new clients directly into the sheet and check off onboarding steps that have been completed.

Customizing this Client Onboarding to perfectly match your onboarding process doesn’t require any coding. Just drag and rearrange rows and columns, change label names and colors, and add new tabs to organize client data. You can even switch to card view to separate client information into easy-to-read cards. And with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to download, print, assign and share your Client Onboarding Sheet with others for seamless team collaboration. With a custom Client Onboarding Sheet Template, you can more efficiently welcome new clients to your business and foster better customer relationships!

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