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COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker
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A COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker is used by medical organizations to keep track of patients who have been or will be vaccinated. With JotForm’s free online COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker, you can manage covid vaccine registrations in a professional online table — and choose to view your info in a spreadsheet, calendar, or easy-to-read cards. Collect vaccine registrations through the attached COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Form and watch as the information appears in your table automatically, ready to be viewed, edited, or shared with coworkers.

Every practice’s vaccination process is different, so feel free to customize your table template by rearranging the layout, adding new columns, sorting info into different tabs, assigning color-coded labels, and more. Be sure to upgrade for HIPAA compliance to keep sensitive patient health information protected! Everyone is anxious to get their vaccines — so make the process as smooth as possible with an online COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker you can use on any device.

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