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Donation List Template
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Whether you’re running a charity, nonprofit organization, or simply collecting donations for your own cause, keeping track of all charitable donations can be overwhelming as much as it is gratifying. With this free, fully-customizable Donation List Template, you can easily keep track of important donation information without writing a single line of code! Add info to your table by entering it through an item donation form, entering information into the table manually, or sharing your table to collaborate with teammates with JotForm Tables’ easy-to-use interface

Ideal for fundraising managers and project coordinators, the Donation List Template lets charitable organizations collect item donations and store donor info in a custom table. View your data in table, card, or calendar view to see it in the way that works best for you. Need to store more information? Simply create new tabs and add color-coded tags to better organize your information. Securely store important item donation details online with JotForm’s free Donation List Template.

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