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Employee Onboarding Template
Submitted by: JotForm in Human Resources

An employee onboarding template is given to new employees, to provide them with all the tools they need to succeed in their new role. Whether you own, manage, or work in HR for your company, you can easily provide new employees with important resources using a customizable online Employee Onboarding Template — and watch them flourish in the role, right from the beginning! To get started, just personalize the spreadsheet to include tasks, team members, and links relevant to each new employee, and share it with them. It’s perfect for ensuring every new employee gets the care and attention they need when starting their new role at your company.

Every job and business is different, so make sure you customize your Employee Onboarding Template to maximize the benefit for your new employees. Add names, titles, and contact info for the employee’s new team members, include resources like the employee handbook, security policy, and organization chart, and add tasks to their spreadsheet to monitor what they accomplish. You can even upload photos, documents, and other files to your custom Employee Onboarding Template! By taking a few minutes to make a custom spreadsheet for each new employee, you can ensure they’re contributing their best effort right from the get-go.

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