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Employee Schedule Template
Submitted by: JotForm in Human Resources
An employee schedule template helps an employer or manager keep track of employee shifts. Without any coding, our free online Employee Schedule Template will help you record and organize important employee information and their schedules. Simply enter shift details into the spreadsheet provided, or set up an employee schedule request form to automatically populate your sheet template with schedule data. You can easily view and edit the spreadsheet from any desktop or mobile device, and you’ll also be able to share and print it if needed.

Customizing this Employee Schedule Template for your workplace only takes a few clicks. Simply drag and drop to include more columns and rows, create new color-coded labels, and even add new tabs to organize additional employee information. You’ll end up with a custom template that helps you keep better track of when employees are scheduled to work, what days they’re off, and the total number of hours worked. Make employee scheduling easier than ever with a custom Employee Schedule Template.

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