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Hotel Reservation Management
Submitted by: Jotform in Planner Templates

Hotel reservation management helps manage hotel guests and their bookings for rooms. If you manage the booking process for your hotel, our free Hotel Reservation Management template will help you organize guest reservation information and securely store it in your Jotform account. Once guests fill out your online Hotel Guest Reservation Form, their information will be instantly transferred into your Hotel Reservation Management spreadsheet. You and your hotel staff will then be able to view reservations on any device, either as is, or in calendar format.

This Hotel Reservation Management sheet is premade with tabs for reservations, check-in and check-out times, and hotel transfers for shuttle service. But you have the option to add entries and tabs manually as well, in order to store important reservation details in the same spreadsheet. Stay more organized with a custom Hotel Reservation Management sheet — so you can focus on giving guests an unforgettable stay at your hotel instead!

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