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Issue Log Template
Submitted by: JotForm in Log Sheets

An issue log is a record of any issues encountered during a project, usually for software development. If you’re a project manager, our Issue Log Template will help you keep track of every reported issue with your project. You can create an issue report form that will automatically populate this spreadsheet with entries, or manually enter details about issues yourself into their respective rows and columns. All information will be safely stored in your JotForm account, easily accessible on any device — even offline!

Instead of using multiple spreadsheets to manage your projects, or making everyone record issues on separate logs, you can rely on our Issue Log Template to keep all your information in one secure place. For easier, more direct collaboration, send your teammates the link to your Issue Log Template. Feel free to add as many tabs, rows, columns, and labels as needed to fit into your workflow. With our Issue Log Template, you’ll more quickly identify problems, assign tasks to your teammates, and resolve issues — making it easier to move the project forward!

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