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Marketing Plan Template
Submitted by: JotForm in Marketing

A marketing plan is a document that outlines each item and detail needed to achieve goals set out in a strategic marketing plan. If you manage a marketing team, our free Marketing Plan Template will help you and your teammates keep track of your goals and set them in motion. Start by describing each task, listing start and end dates, and estimating budget costs in the spreadsheet. You’ll be able to view and edit your marketing plan from any device, and you can easily share it with teammates by sharing the template link.

Our Marketing Plan is organized by fiscal quarters, but feel free to organize it by month or however works best for your marketing team. You can also add rows or columns for other important details like completion status, timelines, or comments. When you’re done, you’ll be able to view your marketing plan as a spreadsheet, in calendar view, or divide individual tasks into easy-to-read cards. Whether you plan to generate leads, publish ads, find co-marketing opportunities, or all of the above, use our Marketing Plan to turn data into deliverables and meet your marketing goals!

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